How to apply

Start here. The AMDA application process is easy. Are you ready to pursue your dreams? You are just a few short steps away from beginning your professional career at AMDA. Follow the links below to schedule an audition and apply online. Then review the checklist to make sure your application is complete.

schedule an audition

You must audition for admission to AMDA. An appointment is required for all auditions, which are held at AMDA periodically. We also hold regional auditions annually throughout the country.

apply online

The fastest and easiest way to apply to AMDA is by completing our online application form

Don't Forget, For your application to be complete you must:

Submit Application Essays

Submit your essays to the AMDA campus where you plan to begin studying. Download the essay questions and template. Please skip this step if you submitted your essays electronically when you completed your online application.

Request Recommendations

Download two AMDA Recommendation Forms. Complete the upper portion of each form and give it to two references. Acceptable references include teachers, directors, guidance counselors or anyone familiar with your work and potential as an actor, singer or dancer. Make sure your references mail the form to the AMDA campus where you plan to begin studying. Complete the Signature Page Form and mail it to the AMDA campus where you plan to begin studying.

Request Official Transcripts

Send an official transcript or transcripts from your high school and (if applicable) college. Official transcripts from every educational institution that you listed in your application must be forwarded to AMDA. You can request your transcripts free of charge, or you may contact your guidance counselor or transcript office and have them send your transcript(s) to AMDA using the transcript request form.

International Students - Find more information on sending and obtaining evaluation of your transcripts.

Homeschooled Students - Please send your transcripts, and any state diploma certification documents, directly to the AMDA admissions office.

Pay the Application Fee

The application reviewing fee is $50 (payable in U.S. funds only) and is nonrefundable. After completing your online application, you will be prompted for your credit card information.

Need More Help? Call: 800-367-7908

Our programs

How to know which program is right for you

Each of our unique programs is designed with the performer in mind. If you need help choosing the right program, please talk to one of our admissions advisor.

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