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What Students are saying...

Phillip Garcia

Hometown: San Jose, California

How has AMDA helped you prepare for your future?

AMDA has instilled in me a sense of professionalism that I will always hold in the audition room and in life. That's important, especially in this industry.


What advice would you give to a student considering AMDA?

I always tell students who are going through the rigorous day-to-day life of AMDA to work hard and put in the time. AMDA is all about how much effort you put into the work. Put in enough and you will be rewarded.

Karmela Kljajic

Hometown: Banja Luka, Bosnia

What's the best part about living in Hollywood?

Waking up every morning and seeing the Hollywood sign right outside my window. It's so inspirational and I feel blessed.


What keeps you motivated?

I'm a hard worker and I have so much passion for this art. I want to be a role model for others and don't plan on giving up ever, even when I reach the top.

Chris Oliver

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

In what way has AMDA given you an edge in your future career?

Stage Combat training. You have the opportunity to become officially proficient in certain fight styles and you are learning from the best combat instructors around. When you leave with that on your resume you stand out from the rest.


How has AMDA helped you prepare for your future?

AMDA has given me great knowledge about the business, hands-on teaching from instructors who are currently working in the business, discipline and, most importantly, it has taught me how to market myself and respect my instrument.

Aja Maria

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

How can incoming students prepare for the AMDA experience?

Come ready to enhance the art that you love. Work hard, keep positive energy and never lose the drive.


What's the most valuable thing you've learned at AMDA so far?

To always work on my craft and to not get too comfortable. I challenge myself because when I do the outcome is well worth it.

Stephanie Leppert

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

In what ways has AMDA prepared you for a performance career?

AMDA is very no-nonsense, very much like the business. It's tough, brutally honest and has very high demands. Class expectations and school policies are very strict, which I feel can only set good habits for any career.


What drives your creativity?

I try to gather inspiration from everything around me, but most of my inspiration comes from other people. People are just wonderfully fascinating.

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