Go behind the scenes with AMDA. Each of the videos below offers you an inside look at the AMDA experience. Check out campus videos that highlight what life is really like for our students, see what an actual AMDA audition looks like, find the latest performances from our successful alumni, watch clips of our renowned faculty and much more.


  • iAMDA Celebrates Dance Theatre
  • iAMDA: Find Your Voice
  • iDiscover AMDA
  • iAMDA New York Campus Tour
  • iAMDA Los Angeles Campus Tour
  • iAMDA Audition Experience
  • iBroadway's Rising Stars 2012
  • iBroadway's Rising Stars 2011
  • "Family Portrait" is an original contemporary dance piece that was created and choreographed by AMDA faculty member Nicole Berger for the AMDA Dance Theatre Workshop. AMDA students and faculty present a Dance Theatre Workshop every semester at both the New York and Los Angeles campuses. For more information on our Bachelor of Fine Arts and Conservatory Dance Programs, visit">i
    AMDA Dance Workshop: "Family Portrait"
  • iAMDA Snapshots: Stage Combat
  • iAMDA Snapshots: Dance Theatre
  • iAMDA Bachelor of Fine Arts – Four-Year Degree Programs
  • iAMDA: See Your Future
  • iHigh School Summer Conservatory Insights


  • iAlumni Profile - Daniel LeClaire
  • iAlumni Profile - Mamie Parris
  • iAlumni Profile - Jason Derülo
  • iAlumni Profile - Sean Phillips
  • iAlumni Profile - Hannah Sloat
  • iAlumni Profile - J. Elaine Marcos & Anastacia McCleskey
  • iAlumni Profile - Sean Samuels
  • iAlumni Profile - Nicci Claspell
  • iAlumni Profile - Christopher Jackson
  • iAlumni Profile - Emily Padgett
  • iAlumni Profile - Amanda Musso
  • iAlumni Profile - Leslie McDonel


  • iFaculty Profile - Barbara Schofield (Acting)
  • iFaculty Interview - Jim Bontempo (Acting)
  • iFaculty Interview - Robert Manning Jr. (Acting)
  • iFaculty Interview - Carrie Brewer (Stage Combat)
  • iFaculty Interview - Chryssie Whitehead (Dance)
  • iFaculty Interview - Casey Colgan (Dance)
  • iFaculty Interview - Evan Pappas and Gail Dennison (Musical Theater & Acting)
  • iFaculty Interview - Ray Virta (Acting)
  • iFaculty Interview - Dan Daily (Acting)
  • iFaculty Interview - Elaine Petricoff (Musical Theatre)
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