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AMDA High School Summer Conservatory Attending Students

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  1. Travel Details (required for all students) +

    • Important guidelines for scheduling travel plans can be found on our Travel Details page.
    • Drop off and pick up locations for all sessions:
    • Please fill out the form below to tell us about your travel plans for this year's High School Summer Conservatory at AMDA.
    • *If your travel details, information or circumstances change, you must resubmit the entire form.
    • A completed travel form is required by attending students by 5/29 for Session 1, 6/5 for Session 2, 6/12 for Session 3, and 6/19 for Session 4.

    Summer is right around the corner and we are so excited to see you at AMDA NYC or AMDA LA! Please use the below checklist to ensure that you have everything in place before your program begins.

  3. Shipping & Packing List +

    • Shipping supplies and care packages prior to the start of your session
      • Students who would like to ship supplies or care packages prior to the start of their program may mail packages as early as June 17 for Session 1 (LA only), July 1 for Session 2, July 15 for Session 3, July 29 for Session 4 (NY only). All packages should be clearly addressed to the following:
        • For AMDA New York (Session 2, 3, and 4), please mail to:
          • The American Musical and Dramatic Academy
            Stratford Arms
            Attn: High School Summer Conservatory - Student Name
            117 W 70th Street
            New York, NY 10023
        • For AMDA Los Angeles (Session 1, 2, and 3), please mail to:
          • AMDA College of the Performing Arts
            Attn: High School Summer Conservatory - Student Name
            6305 Yucca Street
            Los Angeles, CA 90028
      • Packing list
        • GENERAL ITEMS – Please bring the following:
          • Students may want to bring some spending money for snacks and incidentals. Also please bring a roll of quarters for laundry.
          • Linens (sheets and blanket): Standard twin-size bedding for NY and twin XL bedding for LA, pillows and towels
          • Toiletries
          • A few hangers
          • Laundry facilities / services are available in NY and LA. Students who wish to use the laundry facilities should bring a roll of quarters and some detergent for the machines
          • Backpack or Duffle Bag
          • Umbrella (for NY)
          • Shower shoes (for NY)
          • Visa Pre-paid Card (for descretionary spending)
        • BASIC CLASSROOM SUPPLIES (Required for all students)
          • Spiral notebook and 1.5" 3-ring binder
          • Recording device (a cell phone may be used at the discretion of the instructor)
          • Pens, pencils and highlighters
          • Small hand mirror (for Voice Production and Speech class)
        • PROGRAM SPECIFIC ITEMS – Please bring the following:
          • Attire: Students should be dressed in comfortable, classroom appropriate attire that allows for comfortable movement and physical exploration. Please avoid revealing clothing, spaghetti straps, crop tops, bandeaus, mini-skirt/shorts, flip flops and clothing with rips, tears, or holes. No open toed shoes should be worn to class. Students may be asked to pull from their own closet items of clothing that are appropriate for a particular character or class. When in doubt, professional attire is your best bet! Students are not permitted to wear clothing styles and/or jewelry that are disruptive, detrimental or injurious to the purpose of the educational program. Clothing that does not adequately cover the body or allows undergarments to be shown is considered inappropriate dress. In and out of class, with the exception of dance (details below). Any clothing that advertises or promotes alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, violence, and obscene or questionable language, is not permitted. Student attire should - at all times - be appropriate for the professional standards that are in place at AMDA's New York City and Los Angeles Campuses.
        • All Students (all programs)
          • Black Dress Slacks
          • Solid Color Button-Up Dress Shirt or Blouse (jewel tones - royal blue, emerald green, ruby red, etc.)
          • Black Dress Heels with a Strap, Black Hard-Soled Dress Shoes, or Character Shoes
          • White Fitted Tank Top
          • Black Leggings, Black Sweatpants, or Black Jazz Pants
          • Black Socks, or Black Hose or Tights
          • Athletic Shoes
          • A nice outfit to wear to dinner or to a show!
        • Additional Attire for Dance students. All dance students will receive instruction across styles. You will experience total immersion in dance technique! For this reason, all dance students should come prepared with the following:
          • All Dance Students:
            • 2 Black Leotards OR 2 Black or White Fitted t-shirts
            • 5 Solid Color Tanks, Tees, or Leotards (or a mixture of the three)
            • Pink and Black Tights (convertible)
            • Black Dance Shorts (mid-thigh or above - full coverage) OR Dance Belt
            • Black Full-Length Jazz Pants
            • Black Sweats or Harem Pants
            • Black Jazz Shoes
            • Heeled Character Shoes****
            • Black Dance Boots or Sneakers
            • Footies / Dance Paws
            • Black Tap Shoes (experienced tappers only)
            • Loose layered dancewear in the style and color of your choice

    Each summer we provide contact details for our program leadership, airport pickup, administrative, and health teams on both campuses.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions at all.

All accepted and deposited students have access to our student portal. Here, parents and students can access their updated invoice and find financial assistance and scholarship information. If you have any questions regarding payments, scholarships, or financial assistance, please contact our Associate Director of Student Accounts in NYC and LA, Jonathan Castillo at

All Summer Conservatory students will have the opportunity to experience a simulated performing arts college audition at the end of their program, including a possible acceptance to AMDA College of the Performing Arts!

All program forms must be completed and submitted through the student portal by June 1st 2021.

During each session, we will post photos of students here. These photos are password protected, which we will communicate to students/parents at the beginning of each session.

Scenes and Monologues

If possible, please come to the HS Summer Conservatory with selections of scenes and monologues that you are interested in working on. Please bring a few selections in each category:

  • Acting for the Stage (NY):
    1. A selection of 2-3min scenes sourced from published plays
    2. A selection of 1min monologues sourced from published plays
  • Acting for Film and TV (NY):
    1. A selection of 2-3min scenes sourced from film and television
    2. A selection of 1min monologues sourced from published plays or tv/film content
  • Acting (all programs):
    1. A selection of 2-3min scenes sourced from published plays
    2. A selection of 2-3min scenes sourced from film and television
    3. A selection of 1min monologues sourced from published plays or tv/film content