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An Artist's Journey

Whenever you have been successful in any field, it is your duty to send the elevator back down to the next generation
- Jack Lemmon

Welcome to AMDA’s mentoring series, An Artist’s Journey. With this collection of discussions, we bring professional artists together with the next generation of storytellers (YOU!) to learn from each other. Every performer has their own journey in this industry and far too often, artists in the beginning stages of their careers put entirely too much emphasis on their success or failure rather than the journey as a whole. These open discussions allow students and alumni to ask their mentors tough questions for a real look inside show business and, more importantly, how to prepare for it.

Where will your journey take you?

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"I actually learned for more than I had anticipated. I truly admired how William Fichtner was not reluctant at all to truly open up about this personal experiences centered around his career. That seamlessly gave more of an in-depth about what aspiring actors and working actors should expect and know about the industry itself. Secondly, how one should maneuver through the ups and downs of this art medium. What I also admired was how he mostly covered aspects that greatly affects one's performances and deliverance and how one needs to also remain truthful and anchored in self both onscreen and off-screen. To always also remember why you chose to do this - that along should keep you going and will greatly assist you to soar through the ups and downs and attain an impressive and lengthy career too."

"Personally, I'm still stoked about having had experienced this amazing opportunity! It was truly insightful. In fact... this will be one of the many experiences I will always cherish and remember in my lengthy and fruitful acting career. I feel like as I am sowing into my career, this was one magical seed to plunge and I have no doubt that what I have learned will greatly assist me and also mold me into a great performer as well."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Rob. It was amazing! I felt so good after the session him and so hopeful for the future! Meeting someone who voiced many of my favorite cartoon characters really meant a lot; that alone was a dream come true. I also really appreciated all of the tips he gave of how to navigate life emotionally and mentally as an actor and what that will look like during the good and bad times. "It's ok to be selfish. This is for you. Now is your time!" "After all the hard things you've been through, you deserve this dream." and my favorite "Enjoy the hustle!"."

"Very blessed and grateful being able to listen to various artists and how they started to where they are in the entertainment industry. For me it teaches me to never give up and even if the journey might be long, keep pushing because it will be worth it in the end."

"It was gorgeous, I didn't know famous actors such as the previously mentioned guest were able to give videoconferences to the general public. It would be very pleasant if universities did it more often and it would be beneficial for the academy's image."

"It was an experience of gaining knowledge in an environment of people who are possibly wondering the same things as I am. The Zoom was full of laughs, shared thoughts, and support to all who joined. It was an experience that I will always remember."

"I feel honored and blessed to be given such opportunities, being able to listen and learn from people who have been in the industry and know the highs and lows of it is just AMAZING."

"Honestly it was awesome. The group I was watching with asked great questions and asked them in a very respectful manner. Joe was amazing in his responses and didn’t sugarcoat anything. He let us know exactly what we have to do to make it in this dog eat dog industry and told us a lot about his fantastic career."

"This experience is was possibly the best I’ve ever had. The fact that Tyler Posey went out of his way before the zoom call ended to call on me and SAID MY NAME RIGHT, really meant a lot. This is someone who I’ve looked up to for years and the show is the reason why I chose to pursue acting in the first place."

"I really enjoyed what Rob had to say and found it very uplifting. I also enjoyed being able to experience something with current students, faculty, staff, and alumni all in one space."

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