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Josh Misner
Josh Misner (He/Him)
General Education

AMDA Faculty since: 2021

Josh Misner is an award-winning communication professor, author, speaker and mindfulness researcher. Josh has been featured in a variety of publications, including The Huffington Post, Time and The Good Men Project. Josh has written books on a variety of topics, from public speaking to parenting, but his passion lies in teaching the importance of mindful presence as a means of achieving balance and cultivating longer-lasting, more meaningful relationships.


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Misner, Josh. Messages that Matter: Public Speaking for the Information Age (2nd Ed.). Hayden McNeil, 2019

Misner, Josh. Seeing Again for the First Time: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction (2nd Ed.). Kendall-Hunt, 2019.

Misner, Josh. The Dadly Way: 10 Steps to More Active Fatherhood and Equal Parenting. Motivational Press, 2015.

Misner, Josh. "What happened when a daughter asked her dad to explain puberty and periods." 30 May, 2015. Yahoo! News.

Misner, Josh. "What Everyone Should do After an Apology." 16 Oct. 2014. Time.

Misner, Josh. "Mindful Leadership and Navigating the Seas of Change in the Information Age." Journal of Leadership Studies, vol. 8, no. 2., 2014.

Misner, Josh. "To the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter." 11 Feb. 2014. The Huffington Post.

Misner, Josh. "What I Learned from 10 Years of Digital Detox." TEDx CoeurdAlene. Jan. 2019.

Misner, Josh. "Tasting Time: Savoring the Moment." 18 Jan. 2014. The Huffington Post.


Ph.D., Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University
M.A., Communication and Leadership, Gonzaga University
B.A., Applied Communication Studies, Gonzaga University