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Alia Yasen
Alia Yasen (She/Her)
General Education

AMDA Faculty since: 2021

Alia is an educator specializing in anatomy and physiology and the neurophysiology of concussion. She believes everyone can and should learn science, and she hopes to share her passion about health, biology, and physiology with AMDA students.


Pauhl, A.; Yasen, A.; Christie, A. (2022). Corticospinal excitability and inhibition are not different between concussed males and females. Brain Sciences.

Yasen, A.; Lim, M.; Weymann, K.; Christie, A. (2020). Excitability, inhibition, and neurotransmitter levels in the motor cortex of symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Frontiers Neurology.

Yasen, A.; Eick, G.; Sterner, K.; Christie, A. (2020). Motor Cortex Function in APOE4 Carriers and Noncarriers. Journal Clinical Neurophysiology.

Yasen, A.; Smith, J.; Christie, A. (2018). Glutamate and GABA concentrations following mild traumatic brain injury. Journal Neurophysiology.

Yasen, A.; Christie, A. (2017). Reliability of glutamate and GABA quantification using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Neuroscience Letters.


Ph.D., Human Physiology, University of Oregon
M.S., Human Physiology, University of Oregon
B.A., Neuroscience, Willamette University