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Creation and Scholarship

The Graduate Programs at AMDA offer students the opportunity to create and study amongst a thriving and diverse community of performing artists. Graduate level programs include:

    • Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting: Writing for Film and Television
    • Master of Arts in Performance Studies: Arts Education

AMDA is the home of an extraordinary community of artists that brings writers, scholars, actors, singers, and dancers from all over the world together in celebration of creative exploration. Graduate students live, study, and create amongst the vibrance and passion of our community, drawing inspiration to produce impactful creative pieces and original scholarship. With opportunities to collaborate across the institution built into each program, Graduate students work alongside other writers, scholars, and performers to develop content that is relevant, contemporary, and powerful.

AMDA’s Los Angeles campus offers Graduate students an environment to write and study that is like no other, providing innovative opportunities to develop their work. For Master of Fine Arts (MFA) writers, collaborative production options are available through AMDA’s Artists’ Lab, which is a space designed specifically to give students a forum to take creative risks. In this co-curricular forum, MFA students write, pitch, and contribute to ranging levels of production to learn from the experience of witnessing their stories brought to life by trained performers. Master of Arts (MA) scholars conduct their research on a campus that develops and produces over 100 live performances per year. These productions offer scholars opportunities to study live theatre, across disciplines and genres, with access to artists, directors, production staff, and all members of the creative team. On the Los Angeles campus, authors and scholars benefit from access to AMDA’s student success focused resources, including a comprehensive performance research Library, Accessibility Services, Center for Health and Performance, Student Services, Academic Services, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and one-to-one writing and research support with our Writing Labs.

Graduate Program faculty members are highly qualified and student-centered educators, industry professionals, and published academic authors who are committed to excellence in storytelling and scholarship. Faculty are focused on fostering collaborative, creative, safe, and innovative learning environments in which students are guided and inspired to produce writing and scholarship that is production and publication ready.

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