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High School Summer Application And Enrollment Process

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Overview of Application and Enrollment Steps

  1. Complete the online application ($25 fee). We will contact you for follow up phone interview(s).
  2. If accepted, you will receive an email in about two weeks. Your $250 deposit will be due at this time.
  3. Submit your placement video within two weeks of receiving your acceptance email to be considered for partial, merit-based scholarships.
  4. Parents will receive a phone call to discuss details, safety policies, and answer questions. Following this conversation, we will send out a program invoice.
  5. Once scholarships and financial assistance decisions have been made, you will receive the student portal access information.
  6. Submit all forms for your programs, as well as travel details, which can be accessed through the following links.
  • Application requirements
    • Residential and commuter programs in NYC and LA are open to all talented high school students completing grades 8-12, who are between the ages of 14 and 19, during the 2018/19 school year.
    • There is a $25 application fee (non-refundable).
    • No audition is required
  • Application
    • After selecting your campus, session, and focus interest, please complete the online application ($25 fee).
  • Steps after applications are complete
    • Following the submission of your application and the payment of your $25 application fee, our outreach team will call you for brief phone interview(s).
    • This interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you, and for you to tell us about your performing arts background and your interest in the High School Summer Conservatory at AMDA.
    • If you would like to set up an appointment for this interview, please email us at with the best day, time, and phone number to reach you.
  • After your application is submitted and interview is complete
    • A complete student application includes the online application form, a student phone interview, and the payment of a $25 application fee.
    • Once student applications are complete, they are reviewed, and decision emails are sent to students as soon as possible.
    • After decision emails are sent to accepted students, parents are contacted directly to discuss selected program details, safety policies, as well as to answer any questions they might have. Parents can set up an appointment for this call by emailing the best day, time and number to be reached at. Please email this information to
  • Application deadline
    • Students are accepted on a rolling basis until programs are full. Our website will be updated as programs close.

Once accepted to the High School Summer Conservatory, students must submit a placement video to gauge talent placement in your chosen session track. Please use the highest quality recording equipment available to you. For best results, place your recording device on a stationary object, such as a table. Please note that all videos will be used for scholarship consideration.

Students receive an acceptance decision email, which includes information on acceptance and the next steps that they must take to secure a position in the program.

IMPORTANT: Once you receive your acceptance email, please make your $250 (refundable until May 1st) deposit. This deposit secures your place in the programs. IF you have been accepted, but have not deposited, your spot in the program is NOT confirmed.

Once accepted to the High School Summer Conservatory at AMDA, students must submit a placement video to gauge talent placement in your chosen session and focus.

Instructions for what to include and how to submit the placement video can be found on the placement videos page.

Please submit placement videos within 14 days of receiving acceptance email. To request an extension, please email

Once adjudicators review placement video submissions, any potential merit scholarship will be updated on your student portal.

After student's acceptance, the AMDA High School Summer Conservatory outreach team calls the parents of accepted students to discuss any questions or concerns they may have.

If you would like to set up an appointment for this call, please email us at with the best day, time, and phone number to reach you.

  • What happens after I make my $250 deposit?
    • Congratulations, your place in the program is secure!
    • If you have not already, please submit your placement video.
  • Program confirmation and travel details
    • Following the processing of your deposit or full payment, we will contact you directly to confirm your program details, answer questions and email you with links to the following (details coming soon):