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Summer Conservatory (On Campus) - Screenwriting

Designed for motivated artists seeking to build advanced writing skills while developing feature film and television ideas for use in future academic or professional settings.

    • 2-week boarding program
    • Pre-college experience in a conservatory training environment
    • Structured social opportunities with like minded High School students
    • Audition training and the opportunity to audition for AMDA College and alternate AMDA High School Conservatory programs
    • Workshop opportunities throughout the program, culminating in a final presentation
    • Program will focus on who you are and what kind of stories you want to tell through an exploration of how to create story, structure, formatting, scenes, and completing writing exercises
    • This program aims to provide an awareness of the skills that will be needed to be a screenwriting professional and give an intro to the application of those skills
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Campus & Session Availability +

New York
Los Angeles
Session Dates
Session 3: July 28 - August 10, 2024
Length: 2 Weeks
Days: Sunday - Saturday
(14 Consecutive days)
Schedule Overview
9 hours live in class per day
3 hours meal time per day
1-3 hours of social time/activities per day*
1-3 hours of presentations during term**

* Dependent on campus, activity, and schedule.
** Dependent on final performance length and participation in other performance opportunities.

Program Description +

The High School Conservatory: Screenwriting program is designed for motivated artists seeking to build advanced writing skills while developing feature film and television ideas for use in future academic or professional settings. The program will build from traditions in creative writing, facilitating students to discover their creative voices while exposing them to theories and principles of visual storytelling. Students will be exposed to film and television in a variety of genres to locate the types of characters, stories and genres they feel most capable of tackling. Students will build characters, outline film and tv ideas and write scenes from those ideas. This is a writing centric workshop that will also provide students the opportunity to explore their talents through theatrical, movement and vocal based storytelling and collaboaration. Throughout the program students engage and collaborate with artists from multiple disciplines and backgrounds. This community-building approach creates an environment rich with diverse, global perspectives that inspire creativity and learning. The rich breadth of this program prepares students to compete within the ever-changing demands of the entertainment industry.

Learning Outcomes +

    • Students within the High School Conservatory Screenwriting program will achieve the following program learning outcomes.
    • Skills in dramatic construction: Demonstrate the ability to create texts that effectively incorporate dramatic strategies and structures.
    • Concept to script: Demonstrate the ability to cultivate an idea from concept to First Draft.
    • Script to First table Read: Demonstrate the ability to edit a script through the process of collaboration.
    • Interdisciplinary competency: Demonstrate a command of interdisciplinary research and practice through written and oral presentation.
    • History, theory, and criticism: Acquire an understanding of film history, theory, and criticism as it reflects current and historical discussion and debate and apply knowledge to the production of creative pieces.
    • Research: Engage in original, focused research pertaining to their field of study.
    • Professional writing: Demonstrate key professional capacities related to writing for performance, including effective communication skills, technology literacy, and an understanding of professional ethics and best practices.

Sample Schedule +

Eligibility and Admission Requirements +