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AMDA Faculty Michael Zelniker teams with Alumni to create the new film Falling

August 22, 2012 - Alumni, Awards, Faculty

Congratulations to AMDA Faculty member Michael Zelniker and our AMDA alumni in Falling... for taking home the Best of Festival Award at Indie Fest USA International Film Festival!

Riveting Riffs also posted the first review of Falling.

About: On June 27, 2010, award winning actor/first time director Michael Zelniker (AMDA Faculty) met with a group of 10 young actors, including nine AMDA alumni. The goal? To guide them through a process of writing and starring in their own short film, by and for each one of them. All the while, a more ambitious experiment was being considered. Can the 10 self contained, independent short film scripts be woven together into a cohesive feature length story? A year later, Falling... is what they uncovered.

*See photos below and check out the Facebook page.

AMDA alumni appearing in FALLING...

(in alphabetical order)

Co-Written by and Starring

  • Celeste Chute
  • Marianna First
  • Paige Gibson
  • Christina Gudjenova
  • Matthew Hart
  • Richard Perry
  • Samantha Sergeant
  • Sarah Wahl
  • Elizabeth Wubishet

Supporting Cast

  • Natalie Askren
  • Reid Boutte
  • Crystalyn Clawson
  • Lydia Dorsey
  • Aubrey Harter
  • Caleb Hunt
  • Elizabeth Kweku
  • Eden Malyn
  • TJ Marchbank
  • Larissa McCoy
  • Brett Nichols
  • Molly Richardson
  • Victor Schwartz
  • Andy Shepard
  • Jessi Smart
  • Matthew Thorpe
  • M. Jennings Turner

AMDA Faculty

  • Victoria Lavan
  • Stu Levin

Michael Zelniker holding Indie Fest USA Best of Festival Award

Left to Right: Christina Gudjenova as Blair and Paige Gibson as Zoey in FALLING...

Left to Right: Celeste Chute as Mille and Mathew L. Hart as Bradley in FALLING...

Left to Right: Maryanna First and Sarah Wahl at Indie Fest USA