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FRINGENYC 2014 — AMDA Alumni Join the Excitement

September 12, 2014 - Alumni


“As the fattest kid in school, Tommy lives a lonely, living nightmare. When the skinny kids' taunting goes too far, Tommy takes revenge without amends. A dark spoken-word musical diving into the lunchtime of life, where bullies are delicious.” This describes the core story of the musical Fatty Fatty No Friends, playing at what is considered the largest mutli-arts festival in North America, FringeNYC (The New York International Fringe Festival). For two weeks, according to the organization, more than 200 companies descend on Lower Manhattan from all over the world to perform a variety of works in more than 20 venues.

Extended through next week at the SoHo Playhouse, Fatty Fatty No Friends stars AMDA alumni Caroline Wilson and Isaac Harold. This year, 12 AMDA alumni (and one AMDA faculty member) participate in eight NYCFringe productions, listed at the bottom of the page. Since its inception 17 years ago, The New York International Fringe Festival has provided an opportunity for both young and established artists to perform in (or present) creative, engaging new works. This year, AMDA alumna Hannah Sloat (War Horse on Broadway) took part in the Festival for the first time, playing Laura in the dark comedy Dragon’s Breath, by Michael C. O’Day.

Writing about Held Momentarily— with AMDA alumni Geena Quintos and Elliot Greer—Time Out said, “there’s no shortage of action (for a climax, a woman gives birth) and the material (book and songs by Oliver Houser and James Zebooker) delivers comedy and riveting drama, portrayed zestfully by a young cast.” The show has also been extended to the FringeNYC Encore Series, running at the SoHo Playhouse through September 21.

If you didn't catch a FringeNYC show this year, the Fringe NYC Encore Series is geared just for you. Two separate mini festivals provide a second chance to see some of the more popular works: Baruch Performing Art Center presents solo performances as part of its ongoing “Solo in the City” performance series, while the SoHo Playhouse presents a variety of dramas, comedies and musicals.

AMDA Alumni in FringeNYC 2014

Fatty Fatty No Friends (FRINGE NYC ENCORE SERIES): Caroline Wilson and Isaac Harold

Held Momentarily (FRINGE NYC ENCORE SERIES): Geena Quintos and Elliot Greer

Behind Closed Doors: Karma Jenkins, Lauren Fijol and Nathan Crocker (AMDA faculty member)

The Doormen: Joe Boover (music and lyrics)

Dragon’s Breath: Hannah Sloat

The 8th Fold: Micah Cowher and Thaddeus Kolwicz

The Hurricane: Robert Ackerman

The Ultimate Stimulus: Tanya O-Debra