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Los Angeles Orientation

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Hello Summer 2020 Los Angeles Students,

We are so excited that you'll soon be moving in and beginning your professional training at AMDA! This Orientation page is designed to be your resource to ensure you have all the information and materials you will need to begin this term. Please read each section carefully, as you will find important details regarding move-in, registration and preparing for your classes.

Joseph Siriano
LA Director of Admissions

New students must secure funding or make their first scheduled payment by March 1, 2020 to secure their enrollment for Summer 2020. Students who receive their award letter after March 1, 2020 may view their payment dates in the student portal. If there are any questions regarding this information please contact your Admissions Advisor or Financial Aid Counselor.

The following forms listed on the Orientation Checklist must be submitted by May 15, 2020 to complete your enrollment at AMDA. To ensure that you are up to date with required documents and tasks please contact your admissions advisor. You may contact your advisor directly or dial 800-367-7908 to speak with an AMDA Admissions Advisor.

Please note that, in light of a recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles, AMDA LA has made the difficult decision to transition the Summer 2020 semester to remote, online learning. All incoming students will still be integrated and engaged with the virtual Orientation process through the start of the Summer semester.

Summer 2020 Start date: July 20th

We will begin the Summer Semester in LA online. However, we have good indicators to hope that we will be able to return in person a mere 6-8 weeks later, in September. Our hope is that the last half of the Summer Semester will be in person. More information regarding an in-person return to campus will be announced as soon as it is available.

We will still be hosting a Parent Webinar the week of July 13th. More information will be available soon!

If you have any questions regarding the Summer semester or the remote learning platform, we encourage students and their families to reach out to their Admissions Advisor or Orientation team (via

English Assessment Exam

All Students in all programs (BFA and AOS , 1st Term and 5th Term Alumni) are required to take this exam unless English Composition transfer credit has been approved. Deadline to complete exam is May 15, 2020.

English Exam

Musicianship Assessment Exam

  • This test is applicable only to [1st Term and 5th Term Certificate Alumni] students enrolling in the following programs (Deadline to complete exam is May 15, 2020):
    • BFA Music Theatre
    • BFA Performing Arts/Music Theatre
    • AOS Musical Theatre
Musicianship Exam

The student portal offers students valuable information such as class schedule, grades, financial aid info, forms and documents, etc. Please sign in to review your account.

AMDA Student Portal

This resource section is dedicated to supporting the interests of AMDA parents and families, and to promoting a sense of community for parents and families. We consider you a part of the AMDA family too, and we are eager to answer questions and provide information as your student makes the adjustment to higher education.

We encourage parents and families to familiarize themselves with the many resources at AMDA; the departments listed below will be more than happy to assist in answering your questions.

Simple and effective ways to support your student

    • Stay in touch. Even if you only touch base once a week, it will help your student to know that you are available. Listen as your student tells you about the shows and performances they are seeing, the people they are meeting, and the classes that they are enjoying. Be understanding if they don't have as much time to talk as you wish they did; they will be extremely busy with their regular courses, rehearsals, and extracurricular work.
    • Be proactive. Make plans for continued physical and mental health support. Continuity of care is very important; don't wait for a concern to escalate. Be certain your student has a copy of their health insurance card and identify nearby health resources.
    • Empower and support. Help foster independence by encouraging independence. If your student comes to you with a concern, help him or her solve it by asking questions that will help him or her find a solution.

Orientation links

All students should be well groomed and maintain excellent hygiene. Students are expected to look their best for every class. Women with long hair are to have hair pulled back in a neat bun; hair should be slicked back or braided into a bun and secured with a hair net and bobby pins. Short hair should be pulled away from face. A simple thin headband may be used to pull bangs back. No jewelry is to be worn during class. The use of light street make-up is encouraged for women (lipstick, blush and mascara).

Required Attire