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New York Orientation - Dance Placement

The dance faculty would like to welcome you to AMDA and congratulate you on your acceptance into the school! We can’t wait to meet you and begin working with you this fall.

For your dance placements, please watch the following videos which demonstrate the movements that you will be asked to work on, record, and return to us so that we may place you in the correct sections. If you are missing the Dance Placement Videos password please reach out to your admissions advisor.

Recording your Placement submission:

  1. Please clearly state your name before you begin dancing, tell us something about your previous training if you have had training, and please wear the most dance appropriate attire that you have and the correct shoes if you have those.
  2. Do not be concerned if you don’t have the correct shoes yet and don’t be concerned if you haven’t had training yet. This is the purpose of the placements – to group you with other students of a similar level.
  3. Please video yourself horizontally if at all possible with the light source in front of you rather than behind you. It is very important that we can see your feet and legs so if you have to choose between the upper body and the lower body for the dance portion, let us see the lower body. However, when you introduce yourself and discuss your training, please shoot the upper body.
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