Tuition + Fees + Housing Costs

The following is the direct cost of education for one academic year (two semesters). Each year's price depends on the semester in which the student begins taking courses. Housing costs are subject to change each year. These housing costs are for students living in AMDA's Student Housing. Students who choose to secure housing on their own should expect housing costs to be higher than those listed here.


academic year

For Students who begin study in the FALL 2014 or SPRING 2015 or SUMMER 2015

  • Tuition and fees (per academic year): $32,320
  • Housing and fees (per academic year): $8,500
  • Total Tuition and Housing (per academic year): $40,820
Student Tuition Recovery Fund

The State of California created the Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) to relieve or mitigate economic losses suffered by students in educational programs who are California Residents, or are enrolled in a residency program attending certain schools regulated by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

Living Expenses

Living expenses for the year are ESTIMATED to be about $200 per week. This estimate includes the cost of food, transportation, laundry and miscellaneous living expenses. Please remember that this is an estimated average cost, and individual student expenses may be more or less than this amount depending on personal needs and living habits. Students are encouraged to make a budget for their living expenses. Students who would like additional assistance and budgeting resource materials may contact the Financial Aid Office.

Books & Supplies

Book requirements vary based on the semester and the program of study. Estimated costs for textbooks for the first academic year are approximately $1,000. Students will be provided detailed information regarding books and supplies upon acceptance.

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