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Gap Program Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Train to be your best in the magical world of musical theatre!

There is a reason why multitalented performers are drawn to musical theatre. Unveil your talents and awaken your ambition with AMDA's legendary training. See and experience what has been the foundation for today's most successful Broadway performers!

The Musical Theatre discipline is offered in both the 8-week and 3-week programs

  • 8-Week Program +

    Campus Session Dates Duration
    New York Fall (8 Week): October 15 - December 10, 2023 8 Weeks
    New York Summer (8 Week): June 16 - August 11, 2024 8 Weeks
    New York Fall (8 Week): October 13 - December 8, 2024 8 Weeks
  • 3-Week Program +

    Campus Session Dates Duration
    New York Fall (3 Week): October 15 - November 5, 2023 3-Weeks
    New York Winter (3 Week): January 7 - January 28, 2024 3-Weeks
    New York Spring (3 Week): April 7 - April 28, 2024 3-Weeks
    New York Summer (3 Week): June 16 - July 7, 2024 3-Weeks
    New York Fall (3 Week): October 13 - November 3, 2024 3-Weeks

Course Offerings

  • Musical Theatre Audition Preparation +

    Learn how to be successful in auditions through preparation, presentation, professionalism, and communication through the use and break down of professional musical theatre material. (TBD: The course culminates with an industry professional panel providing feedback about the audition process.)

  • Audition Music Techniques +

    Explore sheet music notation, harmony, and sight reading techniques in order to best prepare your audition for an array of creative expression.

  • Stage Dance & Movement +

    Discover the development of professional attitudes, physical awareness, flexibility, and precision related to choreography for the stage. Emphasis is placed on spatial relationships, posture, rhythmic accuracy, energy, and the ability to respond to direction.

  • Musical Theatre Character Analysis +

    Learn to break down traditionally vocalized pieces into monologue form in order to discover new elements for creating character choices that strengthen the acting performance. As a compliment to industry-related preparation, be challenged to seek roles which best present and position you for future audition opportunities.

  • Musical Theatre Foundations +

    Explore the various eras covering major iconic musical theatre styles.

  • Production Experience Series *Acting and MT* +

    Get acquainted with the expectations of a professional artist within the rehearsal and performance processes. The course includes industry professional guests that will provide further insight into the various aspects of the production experience.

  • Professional Preparation for the Artist *Acting and MT* +

    Become empowered as an artist through abundant resources for entering the professional entertainment workforce. Be well-versed in financial planning, networking, and creating an effective resume & headshot.