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Note regarding selection of payment method – Checking Method or Credit Card selection

Due to the rising costs of credit card charges, AMDA requests that students and families making payments to select the Checking Account payment method, if possible, especially if you were planning to use a debit card. To use the Checking Account method, all you need is your ABA # (the nine digit number on the bottom of a check) and your checking account number. Then click submit. Thank you!

If you're having trouble, please let us know.
Please submit full payment by May 31st. Thank you!
  • Talent-Based Scholarships
  • Partial Financial Assistance
  • $600 Early Bird Discount Through October 31

The AMDA Gap Programs offer partial, need-based financial assistance grants on a limited basis.

AMDA Gap Program financial assistance is awarded exclusively through AMDA and is not related to federal aid.

To be considered for a partial grant, please complete the AMDA Gap Program Financial Assistance Eligibility form.

  • Tuition

    8-Week Summer: $10,700

  • Housing

    8-Week Summer: $2,535

  • Entertainment Fee

    8-Week Summer: $850

  • Totals

    8-Week Summer: $14,085

Scholarships, grants and financial assistance are available, please call 323-603-5995 to inquire.