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AMDA Audition Information Acting Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (LA), Associate Degree (LA), Conservatory Certificate (NY)

Acting Programs

    • BFA Degree in Acting
    • BFA Degree in Performing Arts: Acting
    • BFA Degree in Performing Arts: Acting & Creative Content Development
    • BA Degree in Theatre Arts, Performance
    • AOS Degree in Acting
    • AOS Degree in Acting for Camera
    • AOS Degree in Acting for Camera to BFA
    • Studio Certificate
    • Studio Certificate to BFA
    • Acting for Camera Certificate
    • Acting for Camera Certificate to BFA

Audition Instructions: Please prepare two contrasting monologues that are each 60-90 seconds in length. Monologues should demonstrate a connection to the character's emotional life, vocal clarity, clear physical choices, and a solid understanding of the text.


    • Select your material. More information on how to select a monologue.
    • Please choose age-appropriate material for which you feel a personal connection.
    • More information on how to select a monologue.

    • Read the plays or scripts from which your selections are sourced
    • Identify the character's environment and to whom the character is speaking
    • Choose an appropriate performance focus (where the person to whom your character is speaking is located)
    • Rehearse. If possible, seek the support of theatre teachers, directors or coaches
    • Memorize the material until you have full command of the text

In The Audition Room

    • The AMDA audition representative sitting behind the table in the Audition Room is called the AMDA “audition coach”. They are there to support you through the audition process and make a recommendation regarding your AMDA program of study.
    • Your audition begins immediately upon your entrance to the audition room and continues until you exit.
    • Upon entering the audition room, proceed directly to the center of the room and await instructions from your audition coach.
    • Be prepared to introduce yourself with your name, age, city/country of residence, and the program and campus for which you are auditioning. You will also introduce the selections you will be presenting. Please introduce the character's name, play/film/series and the author for both of your selections.
    • After you finish, hold the last moment of your piece for a beat, then restore to neutral and wait for direction from your audition coach.
    • Be prepared to take an adjustment from your audition coach. Your audition coach may want to work with you on one or both of your pieces. You may also be asked questions about the play/film/series, the scene, or the character presented in the monologues.
    • Plan to articulate why you are auditioning for AMDA and why you want to pursue training in the performing arts. This is an opportunity to express your passion and your professional goals.
    • Thank all panelist(s) (i.e. coach, pianist etc.) before exiting the audition room

Important Tips for a Successful Audition

    • Present strong, effective posture and vocal clarity.
    • Enter and leave the audition room with confidence (i.e. keep your head up and avoid looking at the floor).
    • Maintain eye contact with your audition coach for the introduction/slate and feedback portions of your audition.
    • For your monologues, choose a specific “performance focus” above or slightly to the right or left of the audition table and audition coach.
    • Do not use props or costumes other than the chair that is provided.

Dress And Appearance

Please look your best, but remain comfortable. Clothing and footwear should allow for natural movement and not distract from your performance. Long hair or bangs should be pulled back and away from the face. Please remove all jewelry before auditioning.