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Earn College Credits

The AMDA High School Conservatory is an immersive program that provides extraordinary performing arts training for passionate artists. This program offers cutting-edge learning opportunities that are uniquely personal and specifically designed for today’s emerging performing artists. It can even grant you college applicable credits!

How many credits can I receive?

Summer On Campus Summer Online
1.5 Credits 1.5 Credits

Yes, international students are eligible for credits. Visitor Visa okay.

How are credits received?

  1. At AMDA, up to 15 elective credits can be applied towards a bachelor’s degree.
  2. These credits can transfer out as regionally accredited, college level credits with the following course titles & description*:

    *Acceptance of transfer credit is determined by the receiving institution's transfer policy.

    1. Acting Performance +

      In this two-week intensive acting program, taught by AMDA faculty, students will engage in intensive scene study sessions focusing on both stage and film techniques. Students will receive practical instruction on audition techniques, script analysis, and the collaborative nature of acting in both stage and film productions. One of the highlights of the program is the opportunity for students to prepare scenes for both stage and film. Using professional-grade equipment, participants will have the chance to experience the unique demands of performing for the camera while also honing their skills for live theatrical productions.
    2. Musical Theatre Performance +

      Throughout this 2-week immersive experience, students will refine their audition book and vocal techniques, honing their skills through personalized one-on-one voice lessons. Enhance stage presence and versatility through dynamic movement classes encompassing ballet, jazz, modern, and various styles. Students will learn to create compelling performance arcs with physical, vocal, and emotional specificity, and effectively apply adjustments. Culminating in a final performance, this intensive equips aspiring performers with the tools, professionalism, and artistry necessary to thrive in the competitive world of musical theatre.
    3. Dance Performance +

      Through rigorous physical practice across a broad range of styles, participants experience the rigor of college-level pre-professional dance training. This two-week course consists of four components: Dance Technique, Choreography, Audition Techniques and Performance. Course work focuses on advancing movement quality and performance aesthetics while learning to dance healthfully, using proper placement and alignment. This program culminates in an original dance film shoot and a live theatrical presentation. Taught by AMDA faculty and guest artists, this intensive supports the development of individuality while honoring the communal aspects of physical practice.
    4. Screenwriting +

      Students will develop skills in dramatic construction, from incorporating effective strategies to crafting texts. They'll progress from concept to First Draft, and then refine scripts through collaboration for a First table Read. Demonstrating interdisciplinary competency, they'll present research orally and in writing. They'll gain understanding of film history, theory, and criticism, applying this knowledge to their creative work. Engaging in original research, they'll deepen their understanding of their field and demonstrate professional writing capacities, including communication skills, technology literacy, and ethical practices.
    5. Vocal Performance +

      Over the course of this 2 week intensive program led by AMDA faculty, students will receive comprehensive training in voice technique and movement, honing their skills to achieve their full potential. Students will have the opportunity to record a song in a professional recording studio, providing invaluable experience and a polished product for their portfolio. The culmination of the program is a final performance where students showcase their newfound skills and artistry.
    6. Performing Arts and Content Creation +

      Students will demonstrate development in performing arts through critical thinking, performance skills, and creativity. They'll create characters with vocal, physical, and emotional depth and apply personal discipline to solve theatrical challenges. Cultivating creative ideas into performance concepts, they'll engage in collaborative processes using preparation, cooperation, communication, and collegiality. Additionally, they'll strategically approach content development in the performing arts.