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Our programs are open to all talented high school students who are currently completing grades 8-12 and 14-19 years old at time of enrollment. High School graduation date should be no earlier than 2022.

Before applying for our High School Conservatory Programs, please be sure to read our list of eligibility requirements below.

    • On-Campus & Pop-Up Programs
      • All students are required to have a covid-19 vaccination in order to participate in the in-person programs. Forms will be sent to accepted students in order to submit proof of vaccination. If the student is not vaccinated due to health reasons, please inform us and we will look further into if we can allow any exceptions.
    • Online Programs
      • Students should have reliable access to high-speed internet and a screen device (laptop/desktop, smart phone, and/or tablet) that can stream and record video for live online class meetings.
      • A space to rehearse/record class assignments. This could be anywhere in your home where you can easily focus and safely perform.

    We welcome any and all international students to apply for our programs! Please see our international student page for more information.

Please call 323-603-5932 or email for more information.

Applying to AMDA High School Conservatory is a multi-step process. Below you will find the list of requirements.

  1. Submit your High School Conservatory Application +

    Complete the application by clicking Apply Now. If you have any questions prior to filling out the application, you are welcome to fill out the Request Information form. The Request Information form does not qualify as an Application and a student will only move forward to be reviewed once the Application is completed.

    Once the application is complete, you will receive a link to select a date and time for your interview. The interview is meant to better get to know the student behind the application and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Once the application and interview are reviewed, the parent or guardian of the student will receive a call and email to notify them if their student has been accepted into the program. The email and call will also go over details of the program, policies and answer any questions.
  3. Wait for Acceptance Notification +

    Once the application and interview are reviewed, the parent or guardian will be notified if their student has been accepted or not into the desired program. All accepted students will receive a phone call to review program details, policies, and answer questions.

Accepted Students


    Once the parent or guardian receives the acceptance call and email, the deposit for the program will be due. If the parent or guardian has received this call and email you can deposit by clicking the button below. Due to space limitations within our programs, accepted students must have a refundable deposit submitted to their account within three weeks of being accepted in order to reserve their space in the program. The deposit amount for each program is $250. Please know that we do NOT accept deposits from parents or guardians of students that have not yet been accepted.

    Submit Deposit

    Accepted students and their parents/guardians will receive an email with information on how to set up the student portal. If the email has not been received after the acceptance call, please feel free to contact us at

    AMDA’s Student Portal allows parents and students to access their updated invoice as well as find financial assistance and scholarship information. If you have any questions regarding payments, scholarships, or financial assistance, please contact our Associate Director of Student Accounts in NYC and LA, Jonathan Castillo at

    Student Portal

    Here are instructions on how to set up and locate your account information in your student portal.


      1. Open your web browser (Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome) and visit
      2. From the Login dropdown, click Student Portal Homepage, then click Create a New Account.
      3. Select the button for Student ID and enter your Student's ID. **Please do not use the social security number option, as it will not allow you to log into our system.**
      4. Fill out the security questions ("City or Town of Birth" and "Your Mother's Maiden Name"). Our system will use these questions to verify your identity if you need to reset your password!
      5. Click Next and verify the Student's email address by clicking "Yes". You will need to log into that email later to click the verification link AMDA sends you after creating your username and password. Contact if you need to update the email that was used on your application.
      6. Enter a username and password of your own choosing, then click Submit. The verification link will then be sent to the email from the previous step. Click the link in the email to bring you back to AMDA's Login form. Contact if you do not receive the email.
      7. Once your account is created and verified, log into your AMDA Student Portal with your new username and password

      The Student Portal is an important tool for both students and parents to access the financial details of our program. From the Portal, you'll be able to view your current outstanding balance, any scholarship and/or financial assistance you have received, and any payments you have made towards the program. We have provided the Portal as a 24/7 access to the student's financial information that you can check from home. Please make sure to regularly check the Portal for updated financial information, as we do not send e-mail updates when an additional item has been posted.

      To view your financial breakdown for the High School Virtual Conservatory, simply proceed to the My Account tab. Click on the Account Information sub-tab, and view your information under the Account Details button. You should then be able to view your details, as shown in the example below.

      Student Portal

      AMDA Student Portal

    Submit your placement video within two weeks of receiving your acceptance email to be considered for partial, merit-based scholarships. Click the button below for instructions on creating your placement video. Please send all placement video submissions to with the subject line of AMDA Placement Video: Name, Program Type, Campus, Discipline, Session. (Ie. AMDA Placement Video: Sally Smith, High School Summer Conservatory (On-Campus), New York, Musical Theatre, Session 1).

    Placement Video

    Once you have sent in the placement video, submit all forms for your program, which can be accessed through the following links:

    Physician forms and covid related forms are for On-Campus Programs students only.
    All forms are due 2 weeks prior to the start of the student’s perspective program.

  5. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (if needed) +

    If interested in scholarships, discounts and grants, please submit a placement video, and complete this financial assistance form. Once decisions have been made, you will receive notice in your student portal.

    Financial Assistance form
  6. Attending Students +

    Once all steps are completed, please go to the Attending Students page for more information on further requirements and the student experience.

    Attending Students