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After School Conservatory (On-Campus) - Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

    • 10-week after school program.
    • Pre-college experience in a conservatory training environment.
    • Structured social opportunities with like minded High School students.
    • Friday Night Out! - After spending the first 2 hours with in-class learning, the rest of the night is spent enjoying a meal with their classmates and attending a cultural activity!
    • Audition training and the opportunity to audition for AMDA College and alternate AMDA High School Conservatory programs.
    • Performance opportunities throughout the program, culminating in a final presentation.
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Campus & Session Availability +

New York
Session Dates
Fall : Oct 9, 2022 - Dec 16, 2022
Winter : Jan 8, 2023 - Mar 17, 2023
Spring : Apr 16, 2023 - Jun 23, 2023
Fall : Oct 8, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023
Length: 10 Weeks
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Start Time: 4pm EST
Schedule Overview
5-8 hours live in class per week*
2-4 hours of social time/activities per week*
1-3 hours of presentations during term**

* Schedule may alter dependent on National Holidays

      Spring Session Holidays:
      • Friday, April 15

      Fall Session Holidays:
      • TBD

** Dependent on activity, and schedule

Program Description +

The AMDA After School Conservatory (On-Campus) Musical Theatre program offers an exploration into the world of classic and contemporary Musical Theatre through this personal and intensive course work. This program also provides expansion of vocal performance skills and development of the student’s audition book by immersing them in AMDA’s tried and true techniques. With the chance to train with experienced Broadway performers and directors, the students gain a highly sought-after experience that will highlight the best of their talents and improve their performing arts skills. The session ends with an opportunity to audition for AMDA College and alternative AMDA High School Conservatory Programs as well as a final presentation for family and friends.

Learning Outcomes +

    • Create convincing, compelling characters performed with vocal, physical, and emotional specificity.
    • Speak in a supported manner, free of tension and appropriate to the demands of theatre, television, and film.
    • Demonstrate ability to positively and effectively apply acting adjustments as directed.
    • Apply standard entertainment industry business practices regarding preparation, communication, and professionalism.
    • Demonstrate the ability to audition with the appropriate professionalism and requirements expected in a college performing arts environment.
    • Engage in a collaborative production process.

Sample Schedule +

Eligibility and Admission Requirements +