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Summer Conservatory (On-Campus) - Pop Star: Recording Artist

Pop Star: Recording Artist

    • 2-week boarding program
    • Pre-college experience in a conservatory training environment
    • Structured social opportunities with like minded High School students
    • Audition training and the opportunity to audition for AMDA College and alternate AMDA High School Conservatory programs
    • Performance opportunities throughout the program, culminating in a final presentation
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Campus & Session Availability +

New York
Los Angeles
Session Dates
Session 1 : Jul 2, 2023 - Jul 15, 2023
Length: 2 Weeks
Days: Sunday - Saturday
(14 Consecutive days)
Schedule Overview
9 hours live in class per day
3 hours meal time per day
1-3 hours of social time/activities per day*
1-3 hours of presentations during term**

* Dependent on campus, activity, and schedule.
** Dependent on final performance length and participation in other performance opportunities.

Program Description +

The AMDA High School Summer Conservatory (On-Campus) Pop Star: Recording Artist Program offers a dive into vocal performance styles from contemporary to jazz, gospel to acapella, blues, soul, country and R&B. The program also provides students a focus on the styles most suitable to their specific vocal type to enhance their strengths. This session includes a professional recording studio experience to help students start them on the path toward becoming a vocal artist. In addition to this, the session ends with an opportunity to audition for AMDA College and alternative AMDA High School Conservatory Programs as well as a final presentation for family and friends.

Learning Outcomes +

    • Perform a variety of music styles based on personalized selected repertoire
    • Perform harmonies based on professional ensemble work.
    • Display basic knowledge of music production.
    • Demonstrate ability to positively and effectively apply adjustments as directed.
    • Apply standard entertainment industry business practices regarding preparation, communication, and professionalism.
    • Demonstrate the ability to audition with the appropriate professionalism and requirements expected in a college performing arts environment.
    • Engage in a collaborative production process.

Sample Schedule +

Eligibility and Admission Requirements +