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Two Minute Personal Video

Liberal Arts BA in Theatre

Though not required, we strongly encourage you to submit a video to tell us more about yourself!


Start your recording device and state:

  • The date you are recording your video submission
  • Your full name
  • The city and country where you live
  • The program for which you are applying (BA in Theatre Arts)
  • We have listed four topic suggestions as examples below. Feel free to use one or more of these, or select a topic of your choice:
    1. What has been one of the best experiences in your life and what made it so special and valuable?
    2. Please describe your interest in theatre.
    3. In addition to theatre, please tell us about one of your other passions.
    4. Please tell us about a meaningful experience you have had participating in your community (school, neighborhood, local organization, etc.)

When you are finished with your personal video, upload it to YouTube, marking it as Unlisted (click here for instructions) and submit the link below.

Please Note: It is important to use the highest quality recording equipment available to you. For best results, place your recording device on a stationary object, such as a tripod or table. Prior to recording, test that you are in focus and well lit, and that your video is free from distracting background noise.

Personal Information

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Los Angeles


Personal Video

Provide the URL to your unlisted YouTube video below.

If you're having trouble, please let us know.