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For accepted students only.
Submitting your Tuition Deposit demonstrates your intent to enroll at AMDA.
Submitting your Housing Deposit demonstrates your intent to stay in AMDA housing.

Billing Information


Due to the rising costs of credit card charges, AMDA requests that students and families making payments to select the Checking Account payment method, if possible, especially if you were planning to use a debit card. To use the Checking Account method, all you need is your ABA # (the nine digit number on the bottom of a check) and your checking account number. Then click submit. Thank you!

If you're having trouble, please let us know.

As of March 7th, 2022, all Invoice Payments for tuition and fees will be made through ACI Worldwide's PayMyBill, located in Student Portal. This PCI compliant payment platform allows students to view their balance by enrollment and semester, store payment methods, and specify authorized users (such as parents) so they may log in separately to make a payment on the student’s behalf, without accessing Student Portal.

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