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Emily Meister
Emily Meister (She/Her)

AMDA Faculty since: 2011

Emily Meister is a dance theatre artist, choreographer, director, producer, experimental filmmaker, and educator. She has had the pleasure of working with Fire Trial Films, The Private Theatre of NYC, Galiana + Nikolchev's The Useless Room, Annie Saunders/Wilderness, Pussy Riot, Roya Carreras, HomeLA, Meredith Monk, Jeremy Nelson, and Santa Barbara Summer Dance. Her passions lie in experiential learning, in connection, creating spaces, and in collaborating to co-create. Her aesthetic originates from a sensory-based exploratory process, drawing upon breath, energy, movement, sound, and listening/reacting to an environment. She is grounded in a place of wonder and discovery, and is in a constant state of exploration of various ways of being. A steward of the earth, in both healing and physical arts, she dives deep into investigation, and integrates these elements into her way of being and artistic practices.

Director of The Artists' Lab