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10th Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival Welcomes Over 40 Alumni to the Stage

June 13, 2019 - Alumni, Announcements

Lights will shine bright on more than 40 AMDA Alumni who are scheduled to participate in the largest performing arts celebration in the US June 13th through June 30th during the 10th Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival. Celebrating freedom of expression and collaboration in the performing arts community, the festival will feature more than 400 shows and 2,000 performances – a record for the annual event. AMDA Alumni are involved in nine shows in total.

For the last 10 years, the Hollywood Fringe Festival has served as an exclusive destination for AMDA students and alumni to showcase their art without barriers.

Taking place in select theaters, auditoriums, parks, clubs, churches and restaurants throughout local neighborhoods, Hollywood Fringe Festival immerses performers and audiences in a collaborative community environment.

Below are this year’s shows showcasing AMDA Alumni.

(Click for show times, venue and tickets purchases)

Tabletop the Musical

Tabletop explores the way we use games to disconnect from our own realities by following the weekly fantasy adventures of five friends.

Featured Alumni:

David Evan Stolworthy

Jared Tyrel Pixler

Kate Mapel

Erika Cruz

Amanda Peterson

Deanna Bakker

Paul Zelhart

Natsumi Matsubara

In Conclusion:

When a boy is found dead and two more stand to hang, justice is put under the microscope. In Conclusion: navigates the thin line between young love and despair, empathy and the law, and self-expression and self-destruction.

Featured Alumni:

Ben Landmesser

Pablo Castelblanco

Christian Gnecco-Quintero

Armando Estrada

Stefanie Rons

Kacie Rogers


A young man raises his father. Then he leaves home. He meets a young woman who undoes him. The young woman has her own story: a mother who is a force of nature. It’s a play about legacy—how do we become who we are?

Featured Alumni:

Samantha Henry

The Backliners

The Backliners are an up-and-coming improv team! They envision a world where improv has become a widely accepted and sought after form of entertainment.

Featured Alumni:

Esteban Dager

Michelle Lebo

Domenic Desantis

Rodney Pablo

Matt Pierce

Michael Owens

Ben Severson

Kurt Pena

Kat Souza

Steph Garcia

The Narcissist Next Door

Disenchanted with their lives, close friends Sebastian and Kate become enamored with Sebastian’s successful, charming new neighbor, Tony. Things go from bad to worse when Tony’s antics land Sebastian and Kate along with her new boyfriend, Robert, in a hostage situation in Mexico at the mercy of two bungling banditos.

Featured Alumni:

Luca Malacrino

Michael Nardi


Substitution takes place in an acting class filled with many eclectic characters. Among the students is a zombie, a time traveler, a cactus-obsessed scientist, a sea nymph, and a dog. As the exercises progress, and their social lives intertwine, the hidden facets of their personal lives emerge.

Featured Alumni:

Brittany Isabell

The London Rose

“The London Rose” tells the story of Edward, a transgender man.

It’s 1895 and Edward Kingsley returns to London after escaping his former life as “Emily”. He builds his new life with help from the quick-thinking Lee, the sardonic Rosanna Winchester, and the tortured, closeted John Collins. When Oscar Wilde’s conviction for homosexuality turns life upside-down in Londontown, Edward must fight for the safety of his loved ones and for his own human dignity.

Featured Alumni:

Mia E. Cotton

Jennifer Horne

Ember Everett

Evelyn-Rose Whitlock

Laurie Payton

Sarah Clingenpeel

Klingon Tamburlaine

An unofficial fan production adapted from Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great parts I and II.

Featured Alumni:

Jeremiah Crothers

Chloe Madriaga


No Joke is a political satire about the immigration crisis in the United States. A Mexican and an Italian share their immigration stories to a clueless American who carelessly spins them into an Instagram post for likes.

Featured Alumni:

Gina Omilon

Ninet (Alexa) Rocabado

Nicola Tombacco

Kayla Marie Peterson (Stage Manager)

Nathanael Johnson (Director, AMDA faculty member)

Rewind - An 80s Pop Musical

REWIND is an original 80s pop musical about love, redemption and the magic of second chances.

Directed and Choreographed by Nancy Dobbs Owen, AMDA Dance Faculty

Featured Alumni:

Thomas Adoue Polk 

Natalie Miller

Darby Epperson 

Jillian Riti 

To purchase tickets, visit and search for shows by time, venue, or category. The full schedule can also be viewed here.

Note: This list is not meant to be exhaustive of all alumni represented in all productions.  If you are an alum and would like your show added, please email