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AMDA Faculty Cain DeVore Celebrates Theatrical Release of Feature Film, Cold Brook

November 01, 2019 - Faculty

When Cain DeVore is not teaching on-camera courses at AMDA Los Angeles, he is typically busy working as an actor, writer, producer, or director. As a faculty member and a film creator, he takes pride in his work, especially when he can bring his two worlds together.

That is exactly what happened with the release of his latest feature film, Cold Brook, a film that DeVore co-wrote and executive produced with the help of the AMDA community. Cold Brook, a winner of three major film festival awards, hits select theatres and all major Video On Demand and digital platforms on Friday, November 8th.


A story about “coming home,” Cold Brook follows two ordinary guys in a small town who work at a college in Upstate New York. After pursuing an intruder after hours at a museum exhibition on campus, the men become local heroes, while learning that the intruder is lost and ultimately needs their help. At the risk of losing everything they have worked for, they embark on an extraordinary adventure that shows them what is truly important in life.

“It's about doing the right thing. The film is just good, solid storytelling with a great cast,” DeVore said, who co-wrote the film with actor and director William “Bill” Fichtner, his close friend of 35 years.

DeVore also enlisted the expertise of fellow faculty members Michael Deragon, who served as the film’s composer, and James Camery, who served as a field recordist. In addition, AMDA alums Tyler Tafolla and McKale Bingham were recruited to create an original track for the film. “Oh Nelly,” which is also performed by Tafolla, can be heard here.

“Michael was such a great collaborator in working with Bill to find and create the musical voice of the film,” DeVore said. “And Tyler was a brilliant musical theater student whom I taught at AMDA.”

DeVore recalls watching the principal cast work together so professionally and so seamlessly on set, he wished all AMDA students could have witnessed the work as a case study.

“That's one of the most exciting things about our film's release - every AMDA student now can learn from those performances, or better yet, they can just watch and enjoy the movie. The lessons can creep in later,” DeVore said.

Cold Brook won the Ardetta Carpe Diem Award for “Most Inspirational Feature” from the Woodstock Film Festival, “Best Ensemble Cast” from the Napa Valley Film Festival and the “Audience Award” for Best Narrative Feature from the Gasparilla International Film Festival.

The film opens Friday, November 8th and will run at least for a full week. In Los Angeles, it will play at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena and in New York it will play at the Kent Theatre in Brooklyn, New York as well as the Aurora Theatre in East Aurora, New York.