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The Artist's Lab Spring 2018

March 02, 2018 - Educational Advice

The Artists' Lab

• Project 15 + Student Vision Projects Info

• Project 15 + Student Vision Project Proposals are DUE Wed. March 7th




The Artists' Lab


AMDA encourages and supports students in the development of their own creative voice as a writer, producer, director, choreographer, filmmaker and/or performer. The Artists’ Lab provides students with a variety of opportunities to create, develop, enact and/or present work through unique creative processes. The Café Series, Finding Your Voice Workshops, Project 15, Student Vision Projects and Raise the Barre are all opportunities available under the umbrella of the Artists’ Lab . All Students are eligible to present themselves for consideration; however, participation is competitive and ultimately determined through a defined selection process. The Artists’ Lab is the AMDA students’ laboratory; a place where students can explore creative impulses and “find their voice”.


Note: For the convenience of students, further explanation and details for all the auditions, performance and workshop opportunities below can be found by clicking the corresponding hyperlinks.




Project 15 + Student Vision Proposal are DUE March 7th by 11pm via we transfer online (instructions for submitting is included in the info sheet.)


Project 15 + Student Vision Info Sheet + Proposal Form

Live Link

Project 15 + Student Vision Projects is a challenging opportunity for students to be in process to independently develop original performance projects under the support and guidance of AMDA’s The Artists Lab. These projects allow students to assume various duties and responsibilities related to developing and producing artistic works. Project 15 encourages students to develop streamlined creative projects that can be presented in ~15 minutes or less. Student Vision Projects can be up to an evening length work. The development trajectory of each project is at the digression of The Artists Lab. 




Please stop by The Artists Lab Office, 2nd Floor Vine Building, OR either Reception, 2nd Floor Tower Building/Vine Building Lobby for Info-Sheets.


For any questions regarding The Artists Lab, please email Emily Meister at Thank you!