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To the AMDA Community

June 04, 2020 - Announcements

To the AMDA Community,

We are a diverse community of Creative Artists, Educators, and Human Beings. Our diversity is our strength. We proudly say Black Lives Matter and we strongly stand by that. But words are not enough. We must rise to this moment with action.

To all who have experienced any pain due to racial discrimination, bias, or unequal treatment, on behalf of the AMDA Community, we are sorry. We pledge that we will do all in our power to ensure this never – ever – happens again in our community. We need to act and effect change within our own community to ensure the equality and inclusion of all People of Color.

AMDA will, starting today, take the following action steps:

·         Create an Office of Diversity and Inclusion which will be staffed fully by People from historically underrepresented groups.

·         Hire a Chief Diversity Officer who will ensure that diversity and inclusion are embedded in all aspects of AMDA life – inside the classroom, outside the classroom, and in our faculty and staff hiring process.

·         Begin a Full and Formal Review of all Curriculum in all Programs to ensure that we make the necessary changes and improvements to our curriculum. This review process will include a diverse group of Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni.

·         Each semester, for all Faculty and Staff, conduct formal and in-person Anti-Racism Training for Racial Equity and Inclusion with trainers who are experienced to provide such training.

·         At the beginning of each semester – and during Orientation for new students – provide educational workshops to our community to learn about each other’s differences and struggles and to continue that education with programs throughout a student’s life at AMDA.

·         Use AMDA’s platforms, including social media, to promote justice, equality, and diversity. 

AMDA commits to truly live up to our Mission of creating an environment for students to develop the skills, confidence, imagination, and power to contribute to their community as artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, lifelong learners, and conscientious citizens of the world. We are thoughtfully putting together action plans. Thank you for speaking. We are listening to your voices.