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Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree: Performing Arts (Acting & Content Creation)

    Undergraduate Degree in Performing Arts with a concentration in Acting & Content Creation.

    • Offered on the Los Angeles Campus (See Studio Certificate to BFA for NY Campus Option)
    • Accelerated Option Allows for Degree Completion in 2.5 years
    • Access to AMDA’s Mainstage Production Opportunities
    • Culminates in an Original Showcase Production in Los Angeles
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Program Description +

AMDA’s BFA Performing Arts program is designed for motivated artists seeking to build enhanced performance skills while developing original works tailored to an individual’s performance passion. Students select a focus of study (Creating Content & Acting, Creating Content & Music Theatre or Creating Content & Dance Theatre). Each semester of the program contains performance courses relating directly to the student’s chosen focus as well as Content Creation courses that can be applied to any or all performance disciplines. Upper semester course work provides for additional Content Creation courses that also speak to the student’s specific area of performance focus.

Throughout the program students engage and collaborate with artists from multiple disciplines and backgrounds. This community-building approach creates an environment rich with diverse, global perspectives that inspire creativity and learning. In preparation for careers such as performers, content creators, producers, directors, choreographers or composers, students develop an entrepreneurial mindset, advanced collaboration skills and an acute understanding of contemporary media literacy. The rich breadth of this program prepares students to compete within the ever-changing demands of the entertainment industry.

Program Learning Outcomes +

Students completing the BFA Performing Arts: Acting & Content Creation program should be able to:

    • Create convincing, compelling characters performed with vocal, physical, and emotional specificity.
    • Demonstrate broad-based development in the performing arts, including critical thinking skills, advanced-level performance skills and an individual sense of creativity.
    • Work effectively in groups to create theatrical moments or events and solve production challenges.
    • Demonstrate, across the various sub-fields, skills in personal discipline (organization, focus, energy, commitment), effectively applied to theatrical problem-solving and the creation of theatrical moments and events.
    • Formulate constructive critical responses to theatrical product.
    • Demonstrate comprehension and application of make-up techniques and materials.
    • Apply business practices to the promotion and maintenance of career opportunities within the performing arts and performing arts adjacent industries.
    • Compare different theatrical forms, aesthetic values, or cultural contexts to expand skill sets and deepen one's understanding of theatrical possibilites.
    • Demonstrate the ability to cultivate an idea from concept to production-ready, finished product.
    • Engage in a collaborative production process utilizing standard entertainment industry practices as applied to preparation, communication, and professionalism.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of breadth of the concept of the construction of media, the factors and participants in its negotiated meaning, the various aesthetic forms of media, and its commercial, social, and political implications.
    • Demonstrate a strategic approach to content development, innovation, and delivery in the performing arts.

Curriculum +

Admission Requirements +

Please note that applying to AMDA is a multi-step process. Be sure to follow ALL 6 steps below to ensure the submission of a successful application.

  1. Submit Your Application +

    To apply, you must be at least 16 years old and/or in the final two years of high school/secondary education*.

    AMDA also accepts applications from CommonApp and Royall VIP. If you have already applied through one of our partners, you do not need to apply again through our website.

    * If you are not yet 16, we would encourage you to consider attending the AMDA High School Conservatory.

  2. Complete Your AMDA Audition +

    Admission and scholarship consideration to AMDA require an audition. AMDA offers a robust calendar of auditions including regional auditions, campus auditions, live-online auditions and video submissions. Scheduling your audition will prompt a phone call with one of our enrollment specialists to help you prepare for a successful audition.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To better prepare for your AMDA audition, we strongly encourage ALL applicants to review the Audition Instructions page prior to scheduling an audition or submitting a video submission.
  3. Phone interview with Admissions +

    This interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you, your educational background, and your interest in attending AMDA. We will be calling you, but if you would like to schedule an appointment for this interview, please email with the best day, time, and phone number to reach you.


    Towards the bottom of the application, space is provided for you to write a personal essay (500 words minimum) on the following topic: "Describe a challenging experience in your life and what you learned from it." Remember, this is an important part of your application, so answer thoughtfully!

    If you submitted your application but still need to submit your essay, click the button below.

  5. Submit One Letter of Recommendation +

    Please request and submit one letter of recommendation from teachers, school leaders, guidance counselors, coaches, or anyone familiar with your background and potential. Your recommendation letter must be written in English and signed and dated. To help with this process, please feel free to use AMDA's recommendation form by clicking the link below. Recommendation letters/forms may be submitted via email to or by mailing to the address on the form.

  6. Submit Your Academic Records (Transcripts) +

    Send an official transcript from your high school and (if applicable) college. Official transcripts from every educational institution that you listed in your application must be forwarded to AMDA. Please select one of the following options for submitting your official transcripts:
    1. If your high school or college uses the free service Parchment, please click below.

    2. If your high school or college does not use Parchment, please send the transcript request form to your guidance counselor/transcript office and request that they send your transcript(s) to AMDA using the address on the form.

    Important Note: The minimum grade point average (GPA) required for AMDA's programs is 2.0 out of 4.0 or its equivalent in other grading systems.

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