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Academic Records + Registrar

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The Academic Department supervises and coordinates academic programs and all aspects related to the training at AMDA. This webpage offers information for current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The Registrar's Office maintains all academic records and promotes the academic success of AMDA students and enhances the quality of campus life.

For any questions, please contact the Academic Department:
NY 212-787-5300 or
LA 323-603-5900 or

Through CampusVue software, AMDA provides students their access to the student portal. Students are provided their login and password information upon enrollment. The portal's view allows students to view and access their class schedule, grades, financial aid and financial account information.

AMDA Student Portal

BFA Degree Programs - AMDA College of the Performing Arts, LA

Each term, the registration of classes information is distributed to students via email during the current term for the next term's registration of classes. Students are responsible for reviewing the registration information and the applicable term course outline for "Assigned" and "Elective/Choice" classes for their upcoming term level/program. "Course Outlines" for each term and program, "Registration Information" document and the "Master Term Schedule" are available on the students' Portal under the Academic Forms section. Students are registered for their "Assigned" classes by the Academic Department. Students are then instructed to SELF-register their "Elective" course selections by the stated deadline date. Students in need of course/credit advisement or schedule modification are recommended to set a meeting with the Academic Department staff.

AOS or Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are designed with a specific curriculum for each of the four terms of enrollment. The Academic Department automatically registers students in their prescribed course. LA's "Course Outlines" for each term and program (Dance Theatre AOS or Certificate Program, Professional Training: The Integrated Program, Professional Training: The Studio Program) are available on the student's Portal under the Academic Forms section.

Prior to registering for the next term's elective courses, students are required to ensure they have read all of the information contained in the BFA Registration/Course Outlines PDF document uploaded and available on the student Portal under the "Academic Forms" section. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis in which students self-register.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served; based on the order in which students self-register. When the maximum amount of students have registered for a course (or if a course results in cancellation), students will need to select an alternate course.

BFA Programs' Classes Registration

Students are to refer to the PORTAL for all class registration instructions and timelines.

Late Registration Fee

A $50 late registration fee will be applied to a student's account when a student has not self-registered their elective classes by the final deadline. However, students have two Add/Drop periods to self-register when they have missed the initial self-registration period. The first timeline is Week 15, final week (refers only to business days Monday – Friday) of the current term. The second timeline is Week 1, the first week (refers only to business days Monday – Friday) of the consecutive term.

Students are able to view/print their term's class schedule online via the "CampusVue Student Portal", their online student portal.

Students are primarily graded at midterms and finals/demonstrations. Other grading criteria may be incorporated into the course based on the instructor and individual syllabus. Final grades are posted within two weeks after the end of the term. Students view their midterm and final grades online via the "Student Portal", their online student account.

  • AOS Programs Graduation Requirements +

    • 60 credits completed for graduation (some programs require additional credits)
    • 15 credits per term during each of the four terms unless otherwise prescribed
  • Certificate Programs Graduation Requirements +

    • 1800.0 clock hours completed for graduation (some programs require additional clock hours)
      • 450.0 clock hours per term during each of the four terms
  • BFA Programs Graduation Requirements +

    • 120.0 credits completed for graduation (some programs require additional credits):
      • 30.0 credits of General Education
      • 90.0 credits of Performance Immersion
      • Students register for 15.0 credits per term to earn 120.0 credits for program completion in eight terms. Enrollment may be shortened when students have approved transfer credits.
  • What to do to stay on track for BFA general education completion +

    • "BFA Q&A" document
    • VIEW the online portal account for overall total credits and courses successfully completed.
    • Every term, students should be registered for 15.0 credits to complete the 120.0 in eight terms.
    • Set an appointment with the Academic Dept/Registrar's Office to ensure students are on track and plan for upcoming terms.
  • Prior Credit/Transfer Course Evaluation for BFA Programs +

    Bachelor of Arts degree students' prior college coursework will be evaluated for possible transfer credit. Students will be required to submit official college transcripts from all schools previously attended. Please have all official transcripts mailed directly to AMDA. Students with College Board (AP) completed coursework who have earned a score of three (3) or above will have their AP coursework evaluated for potential transfer.

    International Baccalaureate transfer courses may be submitted for evaluation of transfer course status provided an official transcript record document is submitted to AMDA. Courses that fall under the General Education course category will be evaluated for transfer credit based on High Level (HL) course designation and a score of five (5) and above may be accepted toward AMDA's Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Courses listed under the category of Standard Level (SL) will not be considered for evaluation. No credit is given for courses taken prior to AMDA for Certificate programs.

    Courses taken outside of AMDA must be "college level" courses, remedial or pre-requisite courses are not applicable. Courses must be at 3.0 credits and a final course grade of no less than a "C" must be earned. International Baccalaureate courses may be evaluated for transfer credit based on HIGH LEVEL (HL) course designation. A score of five (5) and above may be accepted. Students who have tested through the College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) may be evaluated for transfer credit based on a score of three (3) or higher for the AP exam and a score of fifty (50) or higher for the CLEP exam. Official transcripts and/or scores must be provided to AMDA for course transfer evaluation and approval.

  • Transferring in credits from a Quarter system college or university +

    • Students who have earned credits at a quarter system college or university would calculate the following:
      • 30 term credits [General Education course only] multiplied by 1.5 = 45 quarter credits.
      • 3.0 term credits [per class] multiplied by 1.5 = 4.5 quarter credits

    Example: Calculate Quarter System to Term System
    Quarter credits: 4.5 Equals Term credits: 3.0

  • Campus Transfer Information and Procedure +

    Students currently in their second term of enrollment are informed of the campus transfer opportunity and process. A description of the campus transfer is also listed in the AMDA Catalog. To announce the campus transfer, the Academic Services Department sends an email announcement to all students who are currently enrolled in second semester along with providing a “LINK” for students to reply. Students interested in transferring [to LA or NY] are required to submit their request, via the LINK, by the stated deadline.

    • With the campus transfer process, students at both coasts have the opportunity to request transfer to the AMDA College of the Performing Arts, LA Campus, or The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, NY campus.
      • Certificate Program students transfer for their entire 2nd year of enrollment, 3rd and 4th semesters.
      • BFA Program students at LA's AMDA College of the Performing Arts attend their 3rd semester ONLY at AMDA’s New York location, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, to experience 3rd semester and would then plan to return to LA to complete their BFA program.
        • NY Experience Semester: LA students who spend their 3rd semester at AMDA’s NY campus, students would be registered in classes and earning 15.0 credits.
        • Upon return, students continue to follow the per semester “Course Registration Guide” to register and fulfill course requirements through program completion.

    An evaluation and review of student's academic standing will be conducted. Transferring from one AMDA campus to the other is a privilege, not a guaranteed right. In consideration of a student's request to transfer campus, a review will be conducted regarding the student's overall standing at AMDA. This will include assessments related to a student's academic (students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for consideration), artistic and community contributions. Students who need to retract their request and change their enrollment plans will incur a processing fee of $200. When an enrollment change occurs, students are required to directly notify the Academic Services Dept./Registrar’s Office via email/in writing if there's a change to their request. Students who have a conduct violation, or are in academic jeopardy may be ineligible to request transfer. Students are encouraged to contact the Academic Services Department [Academic Advising and Registrar's Office] with any questions. LA campus:, NY campus:

    Description of the levels of approval/non-approval +

    • Conditional Approval
    • Non-Approval
    • Final Approval
      • Conditional Approval will be based on:
        Students must have their funding in place or have made their timely payment to be financially cleared.
        • Cumulative GPA must be a minimum of 3.0
        • Student must be in good standing
        • Financial Clearance [both Financial Aid and Student Accounts]
        • *Students who are conditionally approved should start thinking about their transfer arrangements. Travel Insurance is highly recommended [in case students are not approved or unforeseen circumstances arise when travel arrangements must be cancelled or revised]
      • Non-Approval will be based on:
        • Cumulative GPA less than the required 3.0
          • Student Accounts Non-Clearance
          • Financial Aid Non-Clearance
          • Conduct Issues: Violations of AMDA policies
      • Final Approval will be based on:
        • Final determination of approval/non-approval will approximately occur during and between Weeks 10-12 of the current term.
          • Students will be emailed their final status notification
          • End of 2nd Term grades
          • Financial Clearance [both Financial Aid and Student Accounts]
          • Students may prepare to travel
  • Statement of Understanding for the Campus Transfer Process +

    Students understand that they must be in good academic standing in order to continue their enrollment and be approved for transfer. Failed courses must be repeated if they are "core" to the program enrolled. All other failed courses must be repeated with alternate coursework to earn the credits/clock hours.

    Students are to also understand that their student account and Financial Aid (if applicable) must be current to be approved for the consecutive term. If a student's account is not current or Financial Aid paperwork is incomplete, students must resolve prior to being approved for transfer.

  • Degree/Certificate Audit, Completion, and Graduation +

    • During the penultimate semester, the Academics & Registrar's Office begins to conduct a preliminary review/audit of students' records ensuring the student is nearing degree/certificate completion. An email notification is sent outlining students' degree audit and requirements. When applicable, certificate students are provided an outline if their completion has not followed the standard curriculum template. Degrees/Certificates will not be conferred until the Office of the Registrar has completed a final review of the degree audit and has validated that the following requirements have been successfully met:
      • All grades are posted.
      • All program requirements are completed.
      • Required GPA is obtained.

    Students are eligible for graduation when they meet the curriculum listed under AMDA's program requirements. Students are only eligible for conferral at the end of the final academic term for which they are registered.

    Students enrolled in their final semester are provided the "Application for Graduation" forms by the Academics & Registrar's Office in order to submit personal information as well as cap/gown order information. Students are responsible for ensuring that all personal information is correct on the graduation application.

    Upon conferral of the degree/certificate, students' diplomas or certificates will be mailed to the student's address as requested on the Graduation Application in approximately 4–6 weeks after the degree conferral has been processed. Students who have an address change after submitting the application will need to re-inform the Academic Department if the change will affect the diploma/certificate mailing address.

  • Commencement Ceremony +

    AMDA honors its graduates Fall, Spring and Summer semester with a commencement ceremony on the following Saturday. The anticipated graduates are to be listed on the AMDA website as they near the end of their final semester. Families are provided a "Mailer Packet". via post mail [mailed approximately at mid-semester], providing the following: A welcome letter listing basic information, a weekend agenda of events, a listing of area hotels, and a listing of direction information.

    Graduates attending commencement are responsible for picking up their graduation packet/regalia from the Academic Department/Academics & Registrar's Office the week prior to the ceremony. Graduates are provided their graduation packet to include the following: graduation regalia [at no charge], a specific number of tickets, and any additional information from the Student Services and Alumni Offices as necessary.

    Students who require a reissue of a corrected or lost diploma or certificate will need to submit the Diploma Certificate Replacement Order Form [$25 fee will apply].

    Students with an outstanding financial obligation are unable to have their transcripts and diploma/certificate released. Questions regarding graduation or diplomas/certificates, please e-mail for students enrolled at AMDA College of the Performing Arts, LA. Students enrolled at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, NY, email

  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) +

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. For more information visit the Department of Education FERPA page.

    Annual Notification of Rights under FERPA for Postsecondary Institutions

    AMDA is permitted to release the following "Directory Information" without the prior consent or knowledge of the student

    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Enrollment Status
    • Program of Study
    • Dates of Attendance
    • Whether a certificate has been granted and the date (if any) it was awarded
    • Previous educational institutions attended
    • Home and campus addresses
    • Telephone numbers
    • Parents' names

    Students have the right to restrict the disclosure or release of any or all directory information. Requests must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Registrar within five days of the beginning of a term.