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Integrated Student Required Enrollment Information: Voice and Sight Singing

Personal Information

Upload photo of you

Voice type/style of singing

Music History

Please let us know what private voice lesson history you have had.

College or University History

Teacher Preference

If there is someone on the AMDA Voice Faculty with whom you would prefer to study, please submit the name below. Requests will be taken into consideration but not guaranteed.

Sight Singing Level Evaluation

This evaluation is designed to help us place you into the appropriate musicianship/sight singing class. Please answer questions in one sitting and do not look up answers you don't know. Questions you leave unanswered will not be counted against you.

Identify the note names

Assessment 1

Identify the intervals

Assessment 2

Define the following terms

Identify these Major Key Signatures

Assessment 3

Identify these triads

Assessment 4

Identify the song

Assessment 5

Identify the melodic and harmonic intervals

Assessment 6

Define the following terms

Identify these Minor Key Signatures

Assessment 7

Identify these triads

If you know it, indicate inversion

Assessment 8
Assessment 9

Identify the song

Assessment 10

Answer the questions

Identify the seventh chords

Assessment 11

Which example is transposed up a Major Third?

Assessment 12
Assessment 13 Assessment 14

Identify the song

Assessment 15 Assessment 16
If you're having trouble, please let us know.