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AMDA’s BFA Online Music Theatre Program: A Closer Look

August 08, 2022 - Educational Advice, Featured

In case you missed it, we recently made a major announcement – AMDA officially debuted an entirely online BFA Music Theatre Degree Program, a move which has the distinction of making us the first school for the performing arts in the nation to provide this educational opportunity. If you’ve been dreaming about professional musical theatre training with AMDA, our BFA music theatre programs are now available to you from virtually anywhere in the world!

BFA Online Music Theatre Program

Historically, AMDA has been a premiere destination for aspiring artists within the realm of musical theatre. Throughout AMDA’s formative years, our New York and Los Angeles campuses earned the reputation of being one of the best institutions to train professionally – working directly with experienced faculty members with real-world experience, performers from all backgrounds had the opportunity to refine their skills for the stage. Now, with the arrival of our virtual music theatre degree program, this same high mark in education is more conveniently accessible to you than ever before in AMDA’s tenured history.

AMDA’s Online Music Theatre BFA Programs: Overview

Attending AMDA’s Music Theatre Program is far more than just hiring an online musical theatre coach – this is an unique opportunity to earn your BFA online from one of the top performing schools in the country. Designed from the ground up, this program invites students to immerse themselves in a rich blend of music, acting, and dance training – essential skills for any working professional in the medium of musical theatre.

We believe the best BFA musical theatre programs offer a well-rounded curriculum. Your entirely online program of study at AMDA provides individual voice instruction, piano, and sight-singing to assist you in developing a strong musical foundation.

What Makes AMDA’s Online BFA Program in Music Theatre Unique?

AMDA’s online BFA in music theatre exposes students to the full complement of music, including genres such as Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Blues, Pop, and more. Students learn by doing – the virtual coursework is designed to help students hone their acting techniques, scene study, music for the individual artist, and other essential skills today’s directors seek when casting.

In addition, AMDA’s virtual BFA music theatre programs were strictly developed to meet the competitive demands of the industry, offering students in-depth courses focused on career preparation, networking, audition techniques, entrepreneurship, and digital production help.

Who is the BFA in Music Theatre (Online) Program right for?

AMDA’s online BFA degree options may be a great fit for you if:

⚬ You are an international student

⚬ You want world-class training in the performing arts without relocating to New York or Los Angeles

⚬ You wish to earn your BFA while juggling outside priorities like work or family

⚬ You’re eager to earn a BFA in Music Theatre without attending in-person classes at AMDA

⚬ You’re seeking to expand your knowledge of musical theatre history

⚬ You’re ready to take your musical theatre skills to the next level

*Please visit the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Online) Music Theatre page for more detailed eligibility requirements.

More Than an Online Musical Theatre School

Want to earn your BFA online? AMDA makes it more convenient than ever before to pursue a professional degree in Musical Theatre. Seize your moment with AMDA’s all new virtual BFA program and take your career to the next level – apply today!