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AMDA College launches the first fully online Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degrees in Acting and Music Theatre in the country

June 15, 2022 - Announcements, Featured, Spotlight

AMDA College has answered the call to action to provide accessible performing arts education to everyone, everywhere with the launch of the first fully online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and Music Theatre degree programs in the country.

With the number of performing arts opportunities steadily diversifying and widening across the digital landscape, it has never been more important for students to have the ability to access exceptional higher education. AMDA's world renowned performing arts training is now accessible from anywhere in the world.

The classes in AMDA’s online BFA programs will provide students around the world access to AMDA’s premier performing arts training, where they can train in virtual environments to perform at the professional level both in-person and within digital spaces. AMDA has recognized that an essential element for offering these programs is to be sure that all students are offered first-rate technology equipment. Therefore, as part of these new online programs AMDA is including a technology package in the cost of attendance allowing all students to train with the same laptops, software, microphones, and other necessary gear, which will be theirs to keep upon completion of the BFA. AMDA’s commitment to equity in technology establishes that a true collaborative process can take place within the virtual classroom, keeping students connected to each other, to their faculty, and to the world for projects, performances and learning.

AMDA believes in offering students all the resources they need for success during the program and their careers. Throughout eight semesters of study, there will be numerous performance opportunities available to students in the online programs, including fully produced digital productions, showcases, and access to AMDA’s elite program for original works, The AMDA Artists’ Lab.

AMDA's Artists’ Lab provides an encouraging and supportive environment for students to explore their creative voices as writers, directors, choreographers, filmmakers, and producers. AMDA recognizes the reality of an ever-changing world for performing arts students, offering flexibility for students to enroll in AMDA’s online programs and transfer to in-person programs seamlessly if students choose to do so.

Reports have shown the benefits of virtual classroom learning, including far greater accessibility, inclusivity, convenience, and improving technical skills during the course of the program. AMDA’s curriculum includes performance training, general education, and digital literacy coursework within the Acting or Music Theatre framework.

The digital age in conjunction with the pandemic has proven that there are ways to take traditional learning and make it attainable for everyone, at every stage of the artist’s life journey, all over the world, even in the performing arts.

AMDA’s goal is to offer the experience of living and learning side by side with fellow creative students in a virtual setting to anyone who is ready to expand their horizons regardless of geographical limitations. Time zone scheduling will be prioritized so that clusters of students can be connected to each other in “virtual dorms” fostering micro-communities within the programs, training together in real time and making their dreams come true from the comfort of their own home.


About AMDA

The concept and vision of AMDA was created by dynamic artists and educators at the forefront of their fields in Broadway, Shakespeare, Hollywood film, world-renowned dance, playwriting and academia. This group of distinguished and successful artists shared a unique philosophy: that the training of any performing artist – whether it be of an actor, a singer, or a dancer – benefits greatly by including core classes in voice, speech, movement, dance, and acting. Recognizing the value that "cross-training" would have to each individual performing artist, the AMDA curriculum was born. This was an original, non-traditional approach. In 1964, the year of AMDA's founding, no other performing arts school or program offered an immersive, multi-disciplinary style of study. Since AMDA's beginning, its signature model of training has been adopted as the gold standard of performing arts education by colleges and universities throughout the country, and indeed throughout the world. AMDA now offers the following Undergraduate, Graduate, and Certificate programs:

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting (Online)

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts: Acting & Content Creation

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre (Online)

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts: Music Theatre & Content Creation

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Theatre

• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts: Dance Theatre & Content Creation

• Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts

• Associate of Occupational Studies in Acting

• Associate of Occupational Studies in Acting for Camera

• Associate of Occupational Studies in Dance Theatre

• Associate of Occupational Studies in Musical Theatre

• Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Theatre and Media

• Master of Arts in Theatre

• Certificate in The Studio Conservatory (Acting for Stage, Film & TV)

• Certificate in The Acting for Camera Conservatory (Acting for Film, TV & Media)

• Certificate in The Integrated Conservatory (Musical Theatre, Acting & Dance)

• Certificate in The Dance Theatre Conservatory (Dance, Acting & Musical Theatre)


Students Who Live Outside of the United States

All international students who live outside of the United States are eligible to apply and enroll in our fully online Acting and Music Theatre programs.

Students Who Live in the United States

Students who are residents in the following states are eligible to apply and enroll in our fully online Acting and Music Theatre programs.

• Arizona

• California

• Colorado

• Connecticut

• Hawaii

• Idaho

• Illinois

• Kansas

• Michigan

• Missouri

• New Jersey

• Oklahoma

• Tennessee

• Utah

• Kentucky

• Nebraska

• New Hampshire

• North Dakota

• South Dakota

• Vermont

• West Virginia