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AMDA Conservatory: The Best Option for Summer Acting Programs for High School Students

May 10, 2022 - Educational Advice

Early exposure has tremendous benefits in the realm of education. For kids with an interest in theatre and the performing arts, AMDA’s summer theatre programs for high school students and related offerings available through the High School Conservatory provide an exclusive opportunity to create new friendships while nourishing their creative side. 

Our innovative programs within the AMDA High School Summer Conservatory are designed to deliver cutting-edge learning experiences which are both uniquely personal and well-suited for today’s aspiring performance artists. No matter your child’s interests and passions, there is a program perfectly suited to them at AMDA. 

Is your child interested in musical theatre? AMDA offers a variety of programs through the Conservatory for them to hone their skills through a one-of-a-kind educational experience – both on-campus and online. These 2-week programs provide pre-college experience in a conservatory training environment and facilitate structured social opportunities with like-minded students who share the same passion for musical theatre. 

Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to receive direct training for auditions and try out for AMDA College as well as alternative High School Conservatory programs. This unforgettable experience culminates with exclusive performance opportunities, giving students a chance to shine. 

What Will Your Student Learn?

Students who attend the Musical Theatre Programs through the AMDA High School Summer Conservatory will learn a variety of critical skills they can apply to their craft. Our industry-experienced faculty help students develop compelling performance arcs which utilize their physical, vocal, and emotional range. In addition, students will gain proficiency in key genres of musical theatre including ballet, jazz, modern, and other styles. We go above beyond summer acting classes -- we provide an unforgettable experience students can carry with them to sustain their passion for the arts.

By learning directly from AMDA college-level educators, students have a rare opportunity to learn how to apply adjustments as directed and incorporate them into their performances. Most importantly, students have a chance to work in an enriching environment that emphasizes collaboration around the production process. 

Our 2-week Conservatory programs include:

Acting Programs for High School Students

Acting for Stage & Screen (On-Campus)

Acting for Stage & Screen (Online)

Are you interested in learning how to expand your range as an actor? This program allows you to examine some of the most exciting new playwrights in the industry under the tutelage of AMDA’s highly experienced faculty and working artists. This program ultimately provides you with an insider’s perspective on both the film and television industries, offering early exposure to the life of a working professional actor. 

Musical Theatre Programs for High School Students

Musical Theatre (On-Campus)

Musical Theatre (Online)

Are you passionate about musical theatre? This program provides you with the opportunity to delve into the world of classic and contemporary forms with highly engaging coursework. Expand your vocal performance skills and hone your auditioning skills. Learn tried and true methods of the medium from highly experienced educators and AMDA faculty members. 

Additional Theatre Programs

Dance Theatre (On-Campus)

This program offers you an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in dance technique and performance while training directly under dancers and choreographers with real-world experience in Broadway stage, film and television, and contemporary concert dance. This program also introduces students to a unique dance-for-camera music-video experience

Pop Star: Recording Artist (On-Campus)

This program is an invaluable educational opportunity to learn many of the fundamental aspects of working within the professional recording industry. The AMDA High School Conservatory Pop Star: Recording Artist Program is your chance to take a deep dive into several vocal performance styles ranging from contemporary, jazz, gospel, and much more. During your 2-weeks, you’ll have the ability to personalize your experience by focusing on the styles that appeal most to you and are best suited to your vocal style.