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As of March 30, we are aware of 1 AMDA LA and 5 AMDA NY community members who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. From the information we have, all 6 have experienced mild symptoms. We are so grateful they are doing well. An updated community health notice regarding this was sent to Students, Faculty, Staff, and Parents of each campus.

AMDA Community

The AMDA Community of students, faculty, and staff, remains safe and healthy. This is always most important and why we always lead with it.

The AMDA Online Learning Experience is set to begin as planned on Monday, March 23rd! Our world-class faculty and dedicated staff have been working with awe-inspiring efficiency to ensure that our Google Classroom platform is up and running!

AMDA Online will be open as of Monday, March 23rd and is soon to be filled with all kinds of artistic discovery and creative brilliance!

As many of you have likely surmised, our scheduled return date for in-person classes - Monday, April 6 - is no longer approved by our government agencies. Currently, there are strict limitations regarding how many people may be in one room at any particular time and until those restrictions are lifted, we will have to abide by them and postpone resuming in-person classroom activities for now.

If our government agencies approve us to resume in-person classes this semester, we will give you a "greenlight" and "all clear" message to return to our campuses. Please know that if this approval happens, we pledge to give everyone sufficient notice to give you time to return to campus. And please don't worry if you live in a location that won't allow you to travel back to the United States at this time. If that is the case for you, your online coursework will simply continue for you and you will stay on your academic trajectory.

We also understand that each student's situation is unique to that student and their family and we cannot address each of your specific circumstances in one email. No doubt many of you have questions. This unprecedented world-wide situation means schedules and timelines must remain fluid.

This is AMDA's Pledge: To work with each and every student to find the path for you to fully experience AMDA on your journey to graduation and becoming a professional creative artist. Your questions WILL be answered. You are all very special and dear to our hearts and we WILL be here for you. No matter what!

So while we won't see you on April 6, we will see you again soon. And when we are all together, what a joyous moment it will be. For now, let's inspire each other with our creativity and friendship and care for one another! See you online and we will most certainly stay in regular communication.

John Galgano

Chief of Staff

As AMDA transitions to a remote learning system due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Accessibility Services remains available for questions and appointments via email or videoconference. Students and faculty are strongly encouraged to reach out with any questions or concerns to or

If you need to submit a document to Accessibility Services, please scan and send it as an email attachment. Do not fax it or drop it off in person.

Resources for Students and Faculty

  1. The AMDA Library’s Online Learning Resources Page (LA) (NY). This resource provides walkthroughs for accessing the Library’s thorough list of online colleges, curriculum support, distance learning guides, writing tips (including grammar, MLA format, and examples from writing on the topic of performing arts), a FAQ list, and much more.
  2. The COVID-19 Resource Page from the NCCSD (National Center for College Students with Disabilities). This page offers news, information, and resources specifically written for students with disabilities for whom COVID-19 might present unique challenges, and also for the professionals who support them.
  3. Explore Access’s resource sheet is an invaluable resource for faculty who would benefit from tools and tips for designing fully accessible online courses.
  4. For students with service or emotional support animals, the Humane Society has compiled a resource page for those who would like more information about caring for animals during this outbreak.
  • What if I feel remote instruction causes new or different barriers for me, and I need to request new accommodations? +

    We understand that some accommodations may need to be adjusted for a remote environment, and new accommodations may need to be discussed. Please contact Accessibility Services via email and we will set up an appointment to discuss any barriers caused by remote learning.

  • How will extended time accommodations for written exams work? +

    Please communicate with your instructor directly about their plan for providing extra time, and CC Accessibility Services. The plan may vary from course to course. Your instructor and Accessibility Services will work together to ensure the provision of extra time is equitable.

  • I have questions about how to implement my students’ accommodations in an online format. What should I do? +

    Please reach out to me to discuss your specific question. Many accommodations (for example, those that deal with seating arrangements, reduced distraction environments, breaks, or electronics use in class) will no longer be relevant. Others (movement modifications, alterations in delivery of critique, extended assignment/exam time) will still apply but may require slight changes in how they are provided. In cases where the adjustment will only affect logistics, it is fine for you and the student to work out the particulars – but please do CC your department chair and myself on the conversation.

  • A student of mine is requesting a new accommodation because the remote learning system presents a barrier for them. How should I respond? +

    If the student is requesting a completely new accommodation, and not a slight alteration of an existing, approved accommodation, please direct the student to contact Accessibility Services. Accessibility Services is still operating remotely at full capacity and is able to handle new accommodation requests.

At this time, all in-person auditions through April 18th are being rescheduled for future dates yet to be determined. Please note that we are encouraging our applicants to submit an online video audition. The video audition will in no way impact the outcome of your audition. In fact, we encourage you, at this time, to submit your video audition as soon as possible to not delay the process of joining the AMDA family. We are here for you, and are available to assist you with the entire process. If you have immediate questions, our team of admissions representatives are here and ready to help guide you.

In regards to the High School Summer Conservatory & Gap Program, we are attentive to the guidelines set by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and will wait for their recommendations for Summer programs. Until that recommendation comes, the High School Summer Conservatory & Gap Program will continue enrollment procedures as usual. If there are any updates and changes, we will reach out to all students & families directly via phone and email to provide you with options.