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Dance Theatre

It takes passion to make dance your life, but to make it your career you need more. You need discipline, endurance and a total awareness of your body mechanics. AMDA's well-rounded Dance Theatre Programs offer a rigorous course of physical study designed to make you a multi-disciplined dance performer.

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Degree Program

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dance Theatre

AMDA’s Dance Theatre Program is designed for ambitious dancers who want to become versatile, multidisciplined performers. The eight-term program’s rigorous course of physical study is grounded in classical technique and complemented by focused courses in a variety of styles. The curriculum assures an artistic foundation that combines in-depth training in dance technique and performance. The intensive performance-based training is blended with a challenging range of academic-based studies, all resulting in a well-rounded education in the arts.

The curriculum is designed to provide daily regimens that explore dance technique requiring strength, stamina and artistry. Additionally, dancers will develop professional skills needed to seamlessly blend precise technical choreography with individual interpretive storytelling, enhancing their ability to meet the demands of a competitive arts industry. Whether performing as part of an ensemble or as a featured individual artist, a wide range of production opportunities are available within the Dance Theatre Program. Additional courses such as acting, voice, music, career preparation and entrepreneurship provide dancers with a wide range of skills, broadening their potential career paths within the performing arts industry.

Conservatory Program

Dance Theatre - Conservatory

Telling a story with the body requires ambition, dedication and artistry. It also takes training. This four-term professional program offers intense and focused preparation for a career in dance performance. Building upon a solid foundation of technique, training will continue to expand the dancer’s repertoire with a palette of disciplines, styles and genres spanning both classical and contemporary.

Customized dance projects and other performance opportunities expose dancers to a wide range of choreographers and choreographic processes. Dancers will be expected to perform choreography with accuracy and interpretive passion, and excel in ensemble and solo performance. In the final term, coursework is focused on industry and career preparation, including an original dance showcase production experience. Each showcase is crafted based on the unique and individual cast members assigned as a company. This specialized performance opportunity prepares dancers to enter the competitive performing industry with skill, confidence and a professional work ethic.