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Music Theatre

The roar of an audience, the call of the stage, your name in lights – the rich tradition of musical theatre has always provided a powerful draw for multi-talented performers. If you have the talent and ambition, AMDA can give you the skills to realize your dreams.

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Degree Program

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Music Theatre

This comprehensive program offers an essential blend of music, acting and dance courses for the student who aspires for a career in Music Theatre performance. The intensive performance-based training is blended with a challenging range of academic-based studies, all resulting in a well-rounded education in the arts.

The program begins with a focus on the artist’s imagination and an exploration of his or her inner resources as they relate to the external demands of the craft. Early curriculum is designed to provide strong performance skills within a musical theatre base and individual voice instruction to build classical technique. Using AMDA’s clearly defined approach to each song, which emphasizes a genuine union of music to lyric, students gain the confidence and skills necessary to explore a variety of genres that may include Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Blues, Pop, etc. Additionally, each term holds exhilarating and rewarding acting, dance and musical production and performance opportunities.

With an eye towards the current competitive demands of the industry, upper-level courses in career preparation, networking, audition techniques and entrepreneurship help prepare for the exciting transition into the professional performing arts industry.

Conservatory Program

The Integrated Program - Acting, Dance, and Music Theatre

The Integrated Program provides comprehensive training in acting, dance, and vocal performance for stage and screen. Designed for the “triple-threat” performer, this intensive four-term program weaves together physical, imaginative and vocal coursework to developing skilled performing artists who possess a seemingly endless range of career possibilities.

Students are immersed in multi-arts training from the very start of their program. Expansive and specified curriculum helps develop strong foundations in a variety of musical skills, dance styles and acting techniques. Courses in the beginning of the program often emphasize the individual artist’s development and approach, while more advanced courses expand opportunities to explore duets, trios and working in ensembles. Throughout the program, individual voice training helps support the breadth of courses provided each term.